A total change to my blog

I know some of you guys have read most of my post pretty much since my first post, and the reason for this blog wad pretty much for one thing and that was to raise brand awareness for my online make up store mums beauty club, which by all means is doing fine.  But I really have enjoyed the writing part of all of my posts and being a mother of two who is mostly in the house all day I enjoy being able to let go, and get another of the things swimming around in my head out. It’s also great to have a so called conversation about something other than Peppard pig or blaze and the monster machines. I love love love make up so I will keep posting about make up hauls. Tips and tricks. And any other make up related news but I think I would also like to incorporate some of my daily going ons in to my blog. I am currently moving house, my two kids have changed schools, I now have a new puppy so yes alot goes on in my life in the space of a day, and weather anyone reads it or not it doesn’t really matter, it’s just nice to be able to get it all out. It’s kind of a like a de-stresser, once I have had a good write and have posted it I can breathe a sigh of relief. So takecare my beautiful, beautiful lovely people I hope you all still enjoy my posts. I hope you keep followinge, and the weirdest thing is my nearest and dearest all probably think I am silly or weird or maybe don’t even know that I have a blog. Strange huh?? Love you all Annmarieđź’‹đź’‹

Contouring Tips and Tricks

There isn’t much need for an introduction at this point since there’s probably not a single person on the internet that hasn’t heard of contouring, but I figured there must still be people out there who find it hard to master! We might not all be Jaclyn Hill but that doesn’t mean contouring should elude us. […]

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Stila make up review

Hello my wonderful people I have been looking at the cosmetics brand stila and have realised that these guys really are another one of the unsung Heros we hear so much about in the make up grape vine. Thier products are very budget friendly and I will be sure to be adding a couple of their products to the mums beauty club store..

Short and sweet off to take my don to nursery. Xxx

Win a mac and medora lipstick

Create an account with mums obeauty club now and be entered in to the competition to win both mac and medora lipstick đź’‹

Hurry competition ends soon, pick from, velvet teddy or diva for the Mac lippi and either pink or nude for the medora lippi, this is an amazing comp so get involved while you can ladies this offer isn’t going to be around for long!! Www.mums-beauty-club.myshopify.com

MAC Oh Lady – Retro Matte Swatch & Review — annmarie, mums beauty club

When the Retro Matte Liquid lipsticks launched from MAC, they had a hell of a lot of chatter from every big youtuber out there. The reviews of it seemed pretty marmite, you either loved them or you hated them, personally I found the range pretty uninspiring and there was only one from looking at swatches […]

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Milani Cosmetics — should I stock Milan??!

Living in the UK we don’t have the same make up that the US Has. We do have some of the same make up! Max Factor is cover girl but Max factor is so much more expensive. Mac Cosmetics Is Estée Lauder but we can get both of those in the UK & the US. […]

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Maybelline Brow Drama — mums beauty club

Brows, Brows, Brows, everywhere you look today, the main focus within the beauty industry is brows (that is next to contouring) and so many brands have brought out their version of the ultimate brow product. I found most of them to be too much hassle if I’m honest. Most brands have sold their brow products […]

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The Makeup Products you NEED this Spring

I would have to say, spring might just be my favourite season. I mean, things are looking up, right? The days are getting longer, the temperature is slowly creeping out of the freezing zone and I’ve actually seen the sun a couple of times in the last few weeks. During the chilly months I live in […]

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