A total change to my blog

I know some of you guys have read most of my post pretty much since my first post, and the reason for this blog wad pretty much for one thing and that was to raise brand awareness for my online make up store mums beauty club, which by all means is doing fine.  But I really have enjoyed the writing part of all of my posts and being a mother of two who is mostly in the house all day I enjoy being able to let go, and get another of the things swimming around in my head out. It’s also great to have a so called conversation about something other than Peppard pig or blaze and the monster machines. I love love love make up so I will keep posting about make up hauls. Tips and tricks. And any other make up related news but I think I would also like to incorporate some of my daily going ons in to my blog. I am currently moving house, my two kids have changed schools, I now have a new puppy so yes alot goes on in my life in the space of a day, and weather anyone reads it or not it doesn’t really matter, it’s just nice to be able to get it all out. It’s kind of a like a de-stresser, once I have had a good write and have posted it I can breathe a sigh of relief. So takecare my beautiful, beautiful lovely people I hope you all still enjoy my posts. I hope you keep followinge, and the weirdest thing is my nearest and dearest all probably think I am silly or weird or maybe don’t even know that I have a blog. Strange huh?? Love you all Annmarie💋💋


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