I totally love this post, this is a must read for any parent with a kid that knows how to wind them up!!! This is how to get them back when you are an OAP!!!!!

(The kids in the featured photo are mines. Annmarie Reddie (who did not write this post but re-posted it as I think its awesome and will help parents everywhere!!!)


They say when you have children, they will be twice as rotten and bad as you were when you were a kid. Now I don’t know if there is scientific proof or if you can chalk it up to karma, but in my case, it’s absolutely true. My daughter is a complete basket case lately. […]

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Can I wear eyeliner AND lipstick without looking old????

Well this is a very difficult question to answer, today I have opted for the thick black eyeliner with no lipstick look seen here : In this pic I wear: Time to prime primer, Essence 16 hour foundation, Miss sporty blush, Revlon colour stay liquid eyeliner, Lashings of benefit roller lash mascara, rimmel eye brow pencil in light brown, vaseline intensive repair lip balm, garnier 12 hour moisture tanning lotionpicture023.jpg

which I really love, but then I look at this pic:In this pic I wear, time to prime primer by bare vitamins, loreal infallible 24 hour foundation, sugar box highlighter,  Stila 04 aria liquid lipstick,rimmel eyebrow pencil in light brown, miss sporty blush

and I am torn.

I have long lashes so I love love love my eyeliner, it makes my lashes look longer and gives my eyes definition.  One of my rules when applying make up for daytime is that I only like to do either my eyes or my lips not both as on me it looks as though I am trying to hard, I am 31 so it’s probably my age that makes my look like I am trying to find myself a hot date when I am wearing both eyeliner and lippie, and turning up to the nursery to pick up my son looking like I am on the hunt for a man does not go down well with the other mothers, especially since I am practically married already!!!

Anyway as you will see in the second pics I have put up I do have some eyeliner on but not a lot, and I thought I would always be a die-hard eyeliner fan BUT with all of these amazing lipsticks out at the moment I am afraid that I am kind of being two-faced and turning my back on eyeliner and opting for the matte lipstick instead, because its matte it still looks natural which kind of enables me to do both my eyes and my lips at the same time.!!!

So what I am pretty much saying is the rule I have pretty much lived with my whole make-up applying life has been thrown out the window.  I think I look fresh in both pictures and I really could not pick just one that I think looks better than the other, I really couldn’t.

So thank you cosmetics companies all over the world for the best invention make-up has seen since the brow stencil and creating a lipstick that oldies like myself can wear through the day with thier favourite make-up products and still look natural.  All hail the matte lipstick!!!!!!!!

So my shop is pretty much a flop!!!!



Well for those of you who have taken any interest in my blog will know that I was trying to open an online make-up store, where I wanted to bring on trend popular items of make up to all of you beautiful women out there but at great affordable prices, I wanted a store that had both high-end and budget beauty buys all in one shop and I also wanted to link this blog to it, I wanted to do reviews of the items in my store so my customers knew exactly what they were buying.  I even ran a competition where you could walk away with a mac cosmetics and a Medora matte lipstick just for creating an account.  And I still have not made that first all important sale.  I have opened many accounts to drum up business, raise awareness of my store, I have learned all about google analytics, google ad words, used intagram, twitter and Facebook to boost the store but it seems to all be in vain.!!

At least I gave it a shot, I don’t know what I was doing wrong I spent ages on the computer so much that my partner has starting calling himself an online widow, and my kids no longer think that mummy is around!!! No just kidding, but a lot of my time has been spent trying like mad to get that first sale, I have been at it now for around 3 months. Am I maybe not spending enough time on it.


I have now closed down both of my sites, http://www.mums-beauty-club.myshopify.com and http://www.shoptsie.com/mums-beauty-club, and I am just going to focus on my blog.

I do have a great passion for all things beauty, and I love make-up, I love going to the hairdressers, getting treatments for my hair, and nails. I love all of it. So even though I have closed down my stores I think I will keep this blog


So throughout all of this stressing and trying to figure out where I am going wrong, through all of the self-doubt and feeling afraid of having to admit to people that it didn’t work out when I was so so sure that it would, I have found one positive thing, and that is this little blog.  I didnt realise just how good it feels to get everything out there, off my chest or just to feel like I have had an adult conversation (even though I havent and have probably wrote all of this while watching paw patrol or playing ref to my two beautiful funny but sometimes complete pains in the freaking bum kids) instead of talking to the dog feels great.  So this is not that last of me I am keeping the blog!!!!

My favourite mascara ta the moment is…………

benefit mascaraI am totally loving this mascara at the moment.  I have naturally long lashes but find that some mascaras I use can make my lashes feel heavy, and I absolutely hate sticky clumpy mascara’s so I tend to try and but high end mascara’s. If anyone has a great little dupe that I do not know about then please leave a comment but this is the only mascara that leaves my lashes looking long, natural, and wispy.


It is a little bit expensive, I got mines from ebay for £19.50 and £3.00 for delivery, but like I said some things are an investment and this is definitely one of those items.  I really am a mascara lover, I already have great lashes but because they are blonde they are pretty difficult to see unless I have mascara on.  I wear mascara even when I am just hanging around in tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt.  It is my “if you were stuck on a dessert island and wished you could have one item of make-up with you what would it be??” product.


I have tried to buy cheaper mascara’s in the past but found that alot of them crumbled leaving a residue of dry mascara along the bottom of my eye, or that it clumped together making my eyelashes look like spider legs which is not the look I am going for in fact it is a look that I think very much ruins a girls make-up.


Anyway my advice would be go out buy this little beauty and if you are a mascara loving mad girl like myself then I bet that you will not use any other mascara, This is full proof, you can depend on it 100% to give you beautiful, long lashes that are wispy not clumpy, with no flaking or stickiness.


Love you guys Annmarie xxxx

The Best DIY Hair Mask Was Invented By Witches

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Hair care invented by witches?!!! Whaaaaaaaat?!!!!! Must read people, a definite must read!!!
There an inner witch in all of us

Best Matte Lipsticks — mums beauty club

Now I cannot express how much I am in love with matte lips right now but I am finding it extremely hard to find the perfect matte lipstick! I really want the Kylie lip kits but I can’t afford the shipping on them to the U.K. So that’s a no go which is sad. Although […]

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I am loving catrice just now, your thoughts??

Catrice is a very inexpensive Germany makeup which is available in most European countries. I honestly like this brand for it’s limited edition collections that they bring out but I’m not a huge fan of their permanent collection products so I tend to pick up only the limited edition stuff. This time I’ve picked up […]

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