First make up tutorial

This is my first make up tutorial. Hit the link to have a look. First Ever Tutorial. I show you how to get my everyday look. Well to be honest I kind of switch up my daily make up routine depending in a few different factors:

  • How much time I have – As you will see in my video I am a wife and mother of two. My family are completely incompetent without me so you hear them all asking me various questions throughout the tutorial. I of course have a longer routine if I am up before the kids or if I am home alone. Something of which I am yet to experience.
  • What the weather is like. I live in Scotland and so on the rare occasion when the sun is out I take full advantage and switch up my products accordingly. I.e use spf foundation and brighter eye shadow.

Where I am going – If I am just doing the school run then house work I will wear minimilist make up with brown eyeliner pencil as opposed to black eye liner.

In this video there are no products used that cost the earth. Everything I use is under £15. Even the brushes I use are a bargain I found on ebay.

So if I can create this look with low cost products and numerous distractions then I am sure you csn too.

I am in no way a professional make up artist or camera woman so I am aware of how amertuerish this video is. But thats my life and its in no way staged or fake. A real tutorial for real people that does not break the bank.

I hope you enjoy watching it as I did making it.

Much love.

My obsessions at the moment – So got to have these

Hello wonderful people, how are we all today?? I hope you are all good. I have a total obsession with pastel hair, bomber jackets, chokers and matte lipsticks at the moment. So I have got the pastel lilac hair, the matte lipsticks down so I just have to get myself a bomber jacket and choker. So I have been having a look around and I have come across a few absolute beauties.

The first is this totally chic bomber jacket that I am in love with 

View Product//“>Bomber jacket. pink
Get this now foe only 36.50. I love it. Its one of the best ones I have come across.

Another of my obsessions at the moment is pastel hair. I recently died my hair using the xxl pastel lilac hair dye and it done wonders for my hair colour. Although it did turn out a bit more pink than lilac I was impressed with finish. My hair had a lot of orange, gingery , reddish undertones which the xxl hair dye took away completely, no other boxed hair dye has managed to get rid of the orange brashness in my hair. So if you have the same issues click the link to get yours. This sold out completely online so grab yours now XXL Lilac twist hair dye


And last but not least are the matte lipsticks, the one I have my eye on and do not yet have but am waiting on being delivered is the Kylie Jenner Matte Lipstick Lip Kit in Koko, this comes with a lip liner as well as a liquid matte lipstick and you can get yours from Amazon also for a very respectable £45 
“>Kylie Lip Kit In KoKo

If thats a bit to pricey or if you prefer shiny instead of matte another of my faves is collections lasting colour range in Rose Wood this colour is neautral brown and goes on shiny like a gloss.

Another awesome matte lipstick that comes in the most amazing neutral brown colour is “>LA Splash lip contour waterproof liquid lipstick in Ghoulish

and for a reasonable £10.91 its a must have of mine and once you grab yours you wont regret it as you will become just as obsessed with as I am.

And thats the low down on my new beauty and fashion obsession.

Do you have an obsession at the moment. If so what is it and why.

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An Update on what’s going on this month and why you do not want to miss out!!

This is a very exciting time as not only Colour Me Lucky and the concept behind it gaining a great following but there is a rumor that there may soon be a Colour Me Lucky Cosmetics line. Firstly it will be a eye shadow palette which will consist of 6 colours, two of which will be lucky colours, two will compliment colours and two will be highlighters, so say for example you have green eye and are a Capricorn, then you would be able to find your perfect palette, just look for”For The Green Eyed Capricorn” and you will get two lucky colours two compliment colours and of course the highlighters. Not only that but all of the ingredients are natural, and the packaging will be recyclable. The folks at Colour Me Lucky Cosmetics wanted to solve some issues within cosmetics, one of which being the bulky packaging of some products and the sheer amount of products you have to have in your kit if your a professional, or in your makeup bag, so they have created their eye shadow palette to be super slim but they have designed it in a way that you do not lose out on any product, that’s also the reason that highlighters are added in the palette, to save having to add another product to the ever growing list of essentials us gals and guys carry with us in case of any makeup mishaps.


Have you heard about our competition yet??

Show us your makeup creations using your lucky colours and be entered in to out comp to win a Nordstrom gift card worth $100.

All the details are within the featured blog post titled “Whats your lucky colours?”.  There are not many rules, just remember to use the hashtag #colourmelucky.

You have three different accounts to post your pics on, all of which can be found on the homepage, no more than three posts per person, thats 3 times on each account, so you can post 3 times on facebook, 3 times on twitter and 3 times on instagram, any more than that and your entries will be void and your works of art will be removed.

Subscribe and you could also be one of the lucky ones that gets picked to test the eye shadow palette.  So get you e-mail addresses in that box and good luck with the competition, mind you, if you are using your lucky colours correctly then you won’t need it!!

Amazing Light In The Box Flash Sale


I have just been on the light in the box page and they currently have an amazing online cheap flash sale on at the moment, there are 80% off sales on beautiful handbags as well as, 80% off on men and women’s Nike free your run trainers and many more. They pretty much have some kind of percentage off sale on almost every category available.If you are shop savvy and have a real good look around the site you will be able to grab yourself a few goodies at amazing prices.
I have a list of some great bargains with links:

28 pc teeth whitening strips only £6.99 – I have actually used these strips and they are amazing.  They have a non-slip technology which keeps them tightly in place.  You just place them over your teeth, keep them on for the specified amount of time then remove.  On removal you will feel a sticky residue, you just brush off the residue to reveal teeth that are visibly whiter.



Anastacia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Reduced From £18.19 to only £9.79!! – You really need to grab this little beauty of a bargain while you can. It also comes with a fashion brush for more even application. Anastacia Beverley Hills make up products are becoming ever more popular and at this price how can you not pick one up, it gives skin the most beautiful glow, but you don’t have to take my word for it, there are amazing reviews all over the internet about this product.


Urban Decay Dupe 12 Colour Eye shadow Palette, Moodstruck Dupe 3D Fibre Lash Mascara Set And Water Proof Liquid Eyeliner Package – Now this is not the actual  heading for this, on the website it goes “12 Colours Professional Urban Decay Eye shadow Palette & Black Waterproof Eyelash Mascara Set & x2 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner” Although I am not 100% sure that it is actual Urban Decay or if it is a Dupe, also the pictures of the mascara set are photos of Youniques  Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lash Mascara, of which I am not to sure would be the actual that would actually arrive when you purchase this, even though they may or may not be the real thing, and even if they are dupes (good looking dupes at that) this is a total steal at only £9.79 reduced from £15.39. If you are looking for a bargain bulk buy then this is ideal.  Another thing I like to do with package items like this are use them as gifts.  Get a nice make up bag, put these items in it and gift it to a niece, or younger sister and I am sure they would be pleased.

Lace Long Sleeved Dress – Various Colours – This is a total stunner of a dress, its a long sleeved mini, with lace sleeves and lace covering the body, this would be perfect if you were attending a wedding as a guest (obviously not the bride!!lol) Make it your for only £12.59. Its available in royal blue, fuchsia, or salmon, I like the salmon, the pastel pink colour is very flattering.

Womens Diamonte White Gold Dial Watch – This is a lovely little watch, it has diamonte’s for that little bit of bling that us girls like our watches to have.  This one is priced at only £7.69 from £10.49, there are loads of watches, some even cheaper than this one, there are various sizes colours and styles, I am sure that everyone would find something that suits their taste.


Ladies High Heeled Flower Ankle Boot – Reduced from £107 to £31.49, I absoluteys love these, how good would these look with a pair of skinny jeans and plain white t – shirt, you would be a Complete style icon in these.

There are many other categories to choose from as well as plenty of sales in almost every category.  I would recommend checking out the men Nike Run Free Trainers 80% sale.  We all know how expensive mens trainers can be just because of the simple fact that mens feet are usually bigger than women’s so therefore cost more, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Get yourself rigged out today and head there now!!


This is obviously a blog post that was written a while ago.  As of the date that this was written all of the offers above were correct as were any promotion’s.  Please take a look at their website you will find a link above to the site and take a look at the current deals and offers available, one thing that hasn’t changed is the awesome deals, there are amazing deals available right now, so go on check it out.


Up dated on the 28th Feb 2018



Lookfantastic #LFSUMMERLOVIN Beauty Box

Look what I got in the post this morning.  Yeah, when I saw the post a bit to scared to come in the gate because of Lucky barking at him I was more than happy to run to his rescue when I saw this beauty in his hand, well all I could see was a box but I swear it was shouting on me.

As soon as I got it I opened it couldn’t wait to have a peek inside and neither could my daughter which was a bit weird!!


Inside the box

Inside there was an ELLE magazine, another magazine, this is the mag that you get that gives you in depth details of what is in your box. Then I got to the good bit and started opening the trademark black paper, there inside was a Goof Proof brow pencil from benefit, a in transit camera close up Mask Moisturiser and primer in one, in the magazine that tells you a bit more about the product, it says that this is one of Victoria Beckhams favourite beauty items ooooooh, if its good enough for oor Vicky then its good enough for me or anyone really, anyway next there is a Kabelo silk ANTI- Frizz cream, this is meant to make the hair beautifully soft, next up was the NUXE multi-purpose dry oil for face, body and hair, this goes on smooth and leaves no oily residue well according to the very helpful mag, my fave looking item was the bellapierre cosmetics pink cheek and lip stain, as soon as I got this out of the box I tried this on and it looked lovely. Then last but not least was the plastic baubles fom MiTi which do a lot less damage to yout hair, none of the pther products I have used before I have tried but I have tried these baubles so I can say from experience that these are good unless you really want the hair to stay in place as the do not hold the hair as tight as the elastic hair baubles do.

There will be a youtube video posted soon using all of these products and letting you guys know my brutally honest opinion on them, I also have a glossybox on the way so I am gping to be really thorough with my findings of these products and the overall value for money of the actual box.  Also a post will follow.


Keep watching and reading my blog and youtube channel.

click here fto check out my youtube channel

Thanks guys!!

My first make up tutorial!!


Hello and welcome my beautiful people. I have been asked loads of times if I would post a make up tutorial of my everyday make up.  Mums at the nursery or people that I meet are always commenting on how nice my make up is and what products I use.  Also some people seen completely stumped as to how I get it done with two young kids and the truth is with great difficulty.  As you will see in the vid which features my daughter, my dog and my partner, in fact the tutorial had to be done in two parts as muy partner came in and decided to ruin it, so instead of being clever and pressing record I pressed stop!!!

My family are so completely incompetent without me that you hear them asking me various questions throughout the video.

My dog also eats my make up brush!!!

I also would like to show that you do not have to have break the bank products in order to look and feel pretty and confident.  All of the brushes and products I use are all £10 and under.  Most of the items are bought from ebay, if you like the look of the brushes click here if you like the look of the brushes, this link will take you to a past post and review that I did about these brushes.  My ebay bargains!!!

I would also just like to state that I am in no way a professional camera woman, I am no way an expert in make up, and I am nit a make up artist, this is just how I do it, and what works best for my ever aging skin.

I enjoyed making it so I hope that comes across and you enjoy watching.

PS. Sorry about the rough Scottish accent, but that’s just who I am.

Much love

Click Here to be taken to my first make up tutorial


My $100 Nordstorm win!!!

What a wonderful evening it is. Especially because I have just recieved an e mail from the beauty look book regarding a competition I entered.

The e mail went as follows “Annmarie (two other girls names) I am sending this e mail to let you know that you are the winners of the $100 (£76.13) e gift card.” I could not believe what I was reading. Of course I e mailed straight back confirming my e mail address and got a reply saying that I would recieve my gift card shortly. And guess what. I have just recieved it and it looks like this.

So I am off to spend my lucky win. And I would like to thank the beautu look book for this.  THANK YOU!

There will of course be a post tomorrow with details of what I have purchased and being a first time nordstorm shopper I will let you all know of my overall shopping experience. Goodnight beautiful people.

Benefit Cosmetics Current Deals

Good morning my beautiful people, I have just been having a look on the benefit cosmetics website, I actually have an account with benefit cosmetics but thinking about it honestly I don’t think there are many girls out there that don’t have an account with them.  If you are one of those girlies that do not  have an account with them then you should really think about creating one, its a great way to be kept up to date on all special offers and promotions. To ctreate an account click the link http://<a href=”;

At the moment they have a great deal where you are getting a free dew the hoola deluxe mini with any cheekathon purchase.

About The Cheekathon “kick up yout cheeks” Blush Kit:


I love, love loveeeeee this blush kit, it has five shades, dandelion which is the one I use the most, its a pink shade and compliments my pale skim perfectly, hoola which is a very light brown, rokateur which is also a brown but has a shimmer through it, dallas which is another brown shade that is great for contouring, and CORALista which is another that does my skin proud, it is a peachy colour and brightens my skin up tremendously.

If you purchase this item which is priced at £44.50 (I know its kind of pricey but it is very much more of an investment as these are all full sized and last forever) you will recieve a free dew the hoola delux mini, the full sized one is priced at £22.50 so we will assume the mini is half the price of the full sized one, there you have a feebie worth roughly £11.25!!

The real big steal offer

Thats not all they are also offer another freebie with any real big steal purchase, and this offer is for a limited time only, you can pick yourself up a free benefits cosmetics make – up bag when you purchase the real big steal mascara.

Best of Benefit special offer

The offer I took full advantage of was the custom make up kit promotion. There are two kits that you can customise and get freebies at the same time. The first kit is the Best Of Beneifit kit, pick from the most iconic products that benefit has to offer, you choose three procucts of your choice, pick your free gift and it all comes in a beautiful exclusive benefit cosmetics make up bag.

The bold and BROWtiful special offer – best value for money offer

The second custom kit is the Bold and BROWtiful kit that comes with three brow boosting beauties of your choice from thier new Brow collection and you will recieve a free collectible eye kit and bag worth up to £76.50, you can bag yourself this offer for only £59.00.  Value wise this is the best offer that they are currently running.

And to top it all of there is free shipping when you spend £30 or more.

Check out what else is new at Benefit, click the link below to take advantage of these and any other offers that I might have missed.  Benefit are always updateing thier special offers.

Benefit What’s New http://<a href=”;

Technic Ultimate Brow Kit – Review

Where to get it and How much

I had heard a lot about this Brow Kit and so I decided to grab myself on. I managed to bag myself one for only £2.95 with free P&P from Ebay. Click the link to be taken to get your own or you may want to wait until you have read the whole review. document.write(‘get your here‘);<noscript><a target="_blank" href="">get your here</a><img style="text-decoration:none;border:0;padding:0;margin:0;" src=""></noscript>&#8221; target=”_blank”>get yours here

Product Description

Its a nice size and has a little mirror which I find extremely handy when I feel like my eyebrows are needing a little touch up.  And like I said its the perfect size for any handbag.  It also comes with two small brushes and a small pair of tweezers.  The tweezers are okay and are good for just grabbing the odd out of place eyebrow but for a full pluck I wouldn’t recommend them, they are very small so are difficult to work with, there is hardly any slant on them so it is also difficult to grab any small hairs that may need taken care of.  The brushes are also extremely small and difficult to work with and to be honest are not much use at all.  I personally use my own brush the application of this product. You can see the size comparison in the image below just so you can get an understanding of just how fiddly it is to try and work with such small brushes.

20160722_164439Inside there are three shades of brown eyebrow powder, light brown,  medium brown and dark brown, there is also eye brow wax as well.  I really like the colour selection in this little palette, even though I am blonde I can easily wear any of the shades, although I wouldn’t wear the dark brown as an everyday look and therefore obviously wear the lightest colour for a more natural look, but for a full face of make up  the dark brown gives the definition I like.  The wax is also a nice little extra that you do not get in every eyebrow kit.

Application steps:

Step one – Groom your brows, firstly you wouldn’t straighten your hair and style it for a big night out without firstly washing it so why is there any difference when it comes to eyebrows, give your eyebrow a brush with an eyebrow brush, the best thing to do is to brush them upwards,

Step 2 – Pluck any stragglers, once you have brushed all of your brows upwards have a look underneath and pluck any hairs that are hanging down and any smaller ones that grow just along the brow bone, the best place for brows to be is just on or very slightly above the eyebrow bone so if there is a lot of hairs on or below there pluck them away. Do not go pluck crazy on the top of the eyebrows as this takes away their natural shape.

Step 3 – apply a little wax, after you have groomed and tidied your brows apply a little wax, do not smother your brows in wax as your brows will look shiny, greasy and fake, a little goes a long way here, why?? Well wax makes your powder stay on longer and is useful for tidying up your brows before applying the powder.

Step 4 – choose your colour and start applying nearest the nose and work outward towards the temples, I find that starting at the top of the eyebrows and use short strokes. Everyone has their own style of how they like their eyebrows and personally I like my eyebrows to get a little thinner as I make my way outwards, the nearer the temples the thinner I like them.20160722_164657

My Findings

I really like this product, the only thing that lets it down are the little extras such as the brushes and tweezers.  Although they are thoughtful little extras and look super cute they do not do the product any favours, they do not work what-so-ever.

As long as you have your own, full sized, eyebrow brush in order to apply the product then you are on to a winner.

Click the link to get yours document.write(‘get your here‘);<noscript><a target="_blank" href="">get your here</a><img style="text-decoration:none;border:0;padding:0;margin:0;" src=""></noscript>&#8221; target=”_blank”>Get It Here