First make up tutorial

This is my first make up tutorial. Hit the link to have a look. First Ever Tutorial. I show you how to get my everyday look. Well to be honest I kind of switch up my daily make up routine depending in a few different factors:

  • How much time I have – As you will see in my video I am a wife and mother of two. My family are completely incompetent without me so you hear them all asking me various questions throughout the tutorial. I of course have a longer routine if I am up before the kids or if I am home alone. Something of which I am yet to experience.
  • What the weather is like. I live in Scotland and so on the rare occasion when the sun is out I take full advantage and switch up my products accordingly. I.e use spf foundation and brighter eye shadow.

Where I am going – If I am just doing the school run then house work I will wear minimilist make up with brown eyeliner pencil as opposed to black eye liner.

In this video there are no products used that cost the earth. Everything I use is under £15. Even the brushes I use are a bargain I found on ebay.

So if I can create this look with low cost products and numerous distractions then I am sure you csn too.

I am in no way a professional make up artist or camera woman so I am aware of how amertuerish this video is. But thats my life and its in no way staged or fake. A real tutorial for real people that does not break the bank.

I hope you enjoy watching it as I did making it.

Much love.


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