A critique of my own”Neutral make up tutorial” recorded a million years ago, Cringe!!



Looking over my old blog posts, I stumbled across this and when I watched it back I had a real good giggle.  Here is my critique of my own make up tutorial!!

A bit about the video.  And yes it really is that bad!!

This was recorded what feels like many many years ago, in actual fact I think it was maybe two years ago.  I totally cringe when I watch this, one because of my horrible Scottish accent, two because I do a million things wrong, and three although I love the overall look, which by the way I have no idea how it did turn out okay as my application skills are rubbish.  Everything in this video has changed, and I don’t just mean the hair colour.  My whole make up routine has changed.  This was when I was just starting to get a bit more confident within myself and my make up skills, after this video I kind of threw myself into researching the industry, reading books and biographies, watching YouTube videos, joining Facebook groups and reaching out to Professional Make up artists based in my area for any opportunities.

From passion to obsession.

It goes to show that I really did pay attention to all of the posts, books, videos and general information I took in during my totally OCD obsession with makeup.  This obsession was no where near a new obsession, I did my first bridal party when I was 18 years old, including the bride, so I have always had a love for make up even when I was younger I wore my make up different to everyone else’s and I was complimented on it a lot, but, with makeup artistry exploding via social media this sparked my long lost passion big time.

Watch my terrible video here



This is my second make up tutorial. This one is much better than the first one. But lets face it that’s not hard to beat considering my dog ate my make up brush in the last video.

So what’s the look in the new vid??

In this tutorial I show you how to quickly and easily get a beautiful day look using neutral tones. Featuring the MUA Heaven and Earth palette I show you how to get a look that totally transforms you but can be worn throughout the day, to work or the gym. I have used browns, creams, in dark and light pigments. This is only a 15 minute long video from beginning to end. It is quick and easy. Go on give it a try.

We are all learning all the time, we all had to start somewhere.

The research and reaching out to professionals really paid off. My application skills, hygiene knowledge and general knowledge regarding the industry is much better, I am much more confident now in giving advice since I can now give advice knowing that what I am saying is 100 percent correct.  I was invited to a few high profile make up masterclasses one of which was held at the Dome in Edinburgh, which is a very fancy hotel in the capital.  The masterclass was run by Lynn Mills who is the founder of Girl Meets Brush and has a make up bridal team called Eyecandy, she has worked with celebrities and has loads of experience within the industry so I learned a lot during these masterclasses, my job was to assist so I handed out face charts, helped clear up, that kind of thing but I think I learned more than anyone else there, I was the only one sat jotting things down in a notepad like a maniac.So, if you have a passion but know you are no expert, then you will more than likely love learning about it, I did, I have notepads full of stuff I had written down, from books and at masterclasses, everyone has to start some where, and I bet even the biggest and best Beauty Vloggers/YouTubers out there all have a bad video or two hidden away in their deleted folder on their laptop.

If you have a passion then follow it, learn it, share it.

The message I am trying to get across is that we all have to start somewhere and do not be afraid of criticism, or judgement.  Judgement is something I am not afraid of so that’s why I went ahead and posted this video.  I had just started my Facebook group at the time I posted this video and although I feel like I was very inexperienced, people still complimented me and asked for videos and blog posts on how I applied my makeup.  You do not have to be an expert, but, saying that you do have ensure the advice you are giving is correct,or else people like I was at the time of recording this video end up getting false information which is shared the re-shared among social media and is the taken for truth, I fell victim to this many many times via social media, I solved this by making sure I followed only poeple who had the title professional and who had great reviews to make sure information shared was accurate.

If I can do it anyone can and I really, really mean that!!

If you have a passion then go for it, learn it, love it, share it.  Do not be afraid.  If I can do it then anyone can.  My video is terrible, I sound and look awful.  My applicati0on skills measure up to the skills of a 5 year old, but you know what, I do not care.

I am proud of who I was then, I am proud of how far I have come and what I have learned, and I will be proud to post a vid showing my new found skills.

A smile and confidence are the two best cosmetics a girl can own.

Click here to have a good laugh at my expense, no really I don’t mind!!

My christmas day baby (my daughter cody) Pro’s and Con’s.


Anyone else out there have a Christmas day baby??

Hello everyone. I thought I would write a post about the pro’s and con’s of having a Christmas day baby, and also give some insight in to how my daughter feels about celebrating her birthday with many other children on her special day.  I am also yet to come across another Christmas day baby (apart from the other 8 that were born on the same day as Cody and were in the maternity ward with me), I have met, Christmas eve babies, Boxing day babies, New years day, and New years eve, so if you have a beautiful Christmas day baby let me know in the comments below what your experiences with Christmas/Birthday are.

Low chances of conceiving at 18, pregnant at 25!!

Cody’s due date was actually the 31st of December 2010. So my thoughts had turned to wondering if I will have the first baby of 2011. I had my hospital bag packed. Probably over packed as this was my first baby and so did not know what to expect, what to pack, I didn’t really have a clue about anything baby related. I was told when I was 18 that my ovulation was low and that my chances of conceiving were very slim. So I was very shocked when I fell pregnant. I had never bothered about contraception partly because of the news the doctor had given me, and well because I wanted a baby. So its pretty silly to say that I was shocked when I eventually did end up with a little baby in my tummy, maybe it was disbelief rather than shock, I had built myself up so many times and been so very disappointed when the pregnancy test came back negative, so to save myself anymore disappointment I just let myself believe that being a mum would never happen for me.

Just another pregnancy scare??

Then came the late period AGAIN. I just thought that it was another false alarm. Took the pregnancy test and there it was…… A positive result. I was over the moon.

So I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was 6 pound 2 ounces and 48 centimeters long, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Christmas day. At 9.48 am. We even got a visit from Santa himself. He came around the labour ward, where all us exhausted mothers who had just been through hours, for some days, of labour and the lovely Santa was ringing a bell wishing everyone a merry Christmas. Cody slept through it and I could have throttled Santa, for all his jolliness I could have shoved that bell…… Yes I was exhausted.

Fast forward to the present day. Cody is now 5 and turns 6 this Christmas.

The pro’s: 

  • No one can forget her birthday (not that family members should forget birthdays. But it does happen. And has in my family. But not to Cody. Lol
  • Her family are always altogether on her birthday.

The Cons:

  • Everything is closed so you can’t plan birthday parties like her friends have. A lot of parties nowadays takes place in some kind of soft play area. And of course none of these places are open on or even in the run up to Christmas
  • Lack of finances. Because everyone has spent so much on the big festive fun filled day, that leaves everyone a bit skint to even plan something before everything shuts down for the holidays.
  • Planning a meal costs a fortune because its Christmas or is fully booked. I have thought about taking her for a surprise birthday dinner with all the family. But it was going to cost an arm and a leg.
  • Everyone gets presents on her special day.

How does Cody feel?  With all of these con’s does she have a nice time??

She loves it!!! Cody loves her birthday being on Christmas. Not once has she mentioned the fact that everyone gets presents on her birthday, or the fact that she doesn’t get one on other peoples. She loves that we visit our family and friends on her special day, this also means she gets a birthday cake at every house we go to. She loves guessing which present is from Santa and which ones are for her birthday. And the fact that she can have birthday wrapping paper when everyone else has Christmas wrapping paper makes her feel special.

So even though I find much more con’s than  pro’s, Cody on the other hand feels like having her birthday on Christmas adds to the magic instead of taking a bit of the magic away, which is how I thought she would feel as she got older. I think she enjoys sharing her birthday. Thats what makes it special for her.

You truly are a little star Cody. Love Mummy. X

No Christmas pudding. Just loads of birthday cake!!!

Win a Nordstrom gift card worth $100

win a Nordstrom gift cardworth $100


Haven’t you heard?!

I do not know if you guys have read up on the little project I have been venturing in to recently.  Its a kind of business idea with a make up line in production.  If you have no idea what I am talking about then please check out the colour me lucky page where you will find out all you need to know. Click here to check out the colour me lucky page

Competition-What you have to do to enter!!

There is a great little competition that I am running at the moment.  All you have to do is send in your make up looks but using your lucky colours, post your pic on my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account, all of which you can find links to on the homepage, when you post you pic be sure to use the hashtag #colourmelucky.  And that pretty much it.



If you do not know your lucky colours then check out this blog post to find out you will also find more information on the competition such as rules and closing times, What’s your lucky colour?? 

So go on and give it a try, I cannot wait to see what you guys come up with, any look goes, natural, glam, over exaggerated, space age, Halloween, anything as long as your lucky colours are present!!

Goodluck girls, with you wearing your lucky colours you won’t need it…


Cody’s first day in P2 & the wobbly tooth


Hey guys, so it has come to an end.  The school hols are officially over.  Back to school for my daughter Cody and back to his second year of nursery for Dylan.

About My Kids

Now my little girl has never ever been very good at sleeping. I thought the way she is was normal until I had my son.  My son is the type of child that will get grumpy before he falls asleep, but he does eventually fall asleep.  Cody (my daughter) on the other hand, will be grumpy all day long, she will cry for nothing and become emotionally unhinged because she is so exhausted but yet she will fight the sleep.


My Lazy girl…….

During the summer holidays she stayed up late and still emerged from her bedroom at 6.45am.  Although the early rise did not last long.  As soon as she realised she could lay uninterrupted until 9.45am (I never let her sleep past that time ) she took full advantage of this and so spent the last 3 weeks of the summer holidays enjoying her long lie in.


The early morning fight!!

As the end of the school holidays drew ever closer I tried to get Cody to go to bed early (which did not work) and I also tried getting her out of her bed early in a last-ditch attempt to try to prepare her for the early morning rise.  unfortunately for me and my daughter, trying to prep her for the school routine was all in vain.  When I got her out of bed early she would simply go in to the living room and fall asleep on the couch, or she would wait until I was ironing clothes for the day or until I was more or less busy with something else she would take herself back to bed.  And as for trying to get her to go to bed early, well, that just did not work, no matter how many times I took her back to bed she would get back up, or if all was quiet for a while and I had made the assumption that she has fallen asleep, I would in to her room to find that she had made herself a den or decided to try on all of her dress up clothes and prance around in them!!

And so it arrived.  The first day back at school after the summer holidays.  I walked in to Cody’s room looked at her little face, she looked like an angel (that angelic look did not last long!)  I shook her gently, shook her again and then had to say her name over and over to get her up.  She moaned, she groaned, she cried, she protested she was not going to school.  I had to force her to eat breakfast, and oh my goodness when I done her hair you would have thought that I was torturing her, and there was not a tug in sight, but if you asked Cody she would have told you otherwise.

What now?

What now. Now I have been a lot stricter when it comes to bed time routine’s and have realized that when a routine has been broken it is very difficult to put it back in place.  My advice………Do not ever break the bedtime routine!!……No matter what.  Okay Okay, so that is a bit extreme, maybe if you are doing something special which means that the kids are going to end up in bed a little later than usual then make sure that you get them back in to the routine the next night.  Do not let it go for more than three days because then you will find that it is not as easy for them just to slip straight back in to their old routine.


I have now re-enforce the bed time routine but it is still to early to say when Cody will be back in to her normal bedtime routine. Therefor leading to happier morning routines…….I will keep you all posted…..


Oh Yeah… The wobbly tooth!

My Cody has been asking since she was about 3 and half when her teeth would fall out.  To which my reply was, ” Well, when your about 5″ which I know is incorrect as its usually a little later.  Anyway, she turned 5 and so the question still remained, when will my teeth fall out? “Soon” I would tell her.  So she is in the bath the night before the first day back at school and as I am brushing her teeth she kept on flinching a little (she had been eating apples from a neighbors apple tree before hand) “What’s wrong toots” I asked her, “my tooth is a little sore mummy” she replied “open your mouth and let me see” so she did so and I could see the tooth on the bottom row right at the front was clearly leaning forward towards her lip, I placed my finger on her tooth and gave it a wiggle.  You would have though she had won a trip to Disney Land, she was sooooooo excited, happy elated, I loved the look on her little face,  no Christmas or birthday present had ever brought the look of joy on her face like that wobbly tooth did.  it really is the little things.  So she is now very happy that the day before she started p2 she got her first wobbly tooth, she thinks she is a very big girl now…..


Why I love Lylia Rose

A bit about Lylia Rose

As a person Lylia Rose is a mum of two (like myself, I think that is why I feel so much love for this site as I feel like we have common ground) she has a vegetarian husband which she tries to support in his vegetarian eating ways but loves her treat nights. So she is pretty much down to earth, just like the rest of us, kind of gal. That was a personal description now for the professional description, Lylia Rose is a lifestyle blog and fashion boutique. There is a variety of lovely dresses, jewellery, handbags and more. Not only does it offer beautiful items of clothing and small items for the home but you will also find lots of tips for blogging newbies. There is a variety of competitions that are also a way of new bloggers to get one of their blog post’s featured and also you can win some cash.

She Loves To Help

There are a few categories on the blog which in my opinion is aimed to help fellow bloggers. People just like me who are just starting out and who don’t really know where to go next with their blog. There is also a UK Small Business Ads section and this section is not full of ads promoting anything of her own, it is a section devoted to advertising information about small businesses in the UK. This is amazing to see someone help home grown businesses and to see someone help fellow bloggers like myself. There is a Twitter tips and promo section letting you in on some ways to get more re-tweets or follows. One of which is free and all you need to do is add a simple hashtag.

What about the boutique??

Oh Yeah!! I have went on so much about the many ways that Lylia Rose helps people like myself, who have a love for blogging and small businesses, that I have only slightly covered the amazing boutique that you will find when you visit the Lylia Rose blog. It offers beautiful women’s clothes such as this lovely dress  I have my eye on.

Click here to see the dress

It is lace and comes in a variety of sizes, from 6 up to 18. I am a petite girl so I am happy when I see somewhere that stocks a size 6. When shopping on some sites and I have to say that catalogues are the worst for starting at a size 8, then its off to the children’s section for me!!

Not only is there beautiful dresses but another of a girls best friend and something that they do beautifully is the handbags, this is another little beauty that I have my eye on from the boutique .


Visit the boutique to have a look an the collection of lovely, unique scarfs that are available also.

Click here to be taken to the site to check out for yourself exactly what they offer.



This is an amazing unique site that offers an array of services. To take full advantage and get a total understanding of what Lylia Rose is all about then you really have to visit the site for yourself. I personally love the feel of the whole site, from the writing style that is used when describing family life, to the items that are sold in the boutique, and then of course you have all of the offerings to help UK based businesses and small time bloggers. Get yourself over there now and have a look for yourself.


Counterfeit make up dangers – my findings while doing research for a guest blog post

It may look pretty but beware

OMG I did not realize just how dangerous counterfeit make up was!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my wonderful people, this is just a quick post as I really just need to spread the word about some of the things I have read over the last 48 hours.  I am planning on pitching a guest blog post idea to someone and I thought I would do it on something with some WOW factor in it, so instead of a review or tutorial I decided to do a post on counterfeit make up and what to do if you mistakenly end up with a fake product.

From “what to do if you end up with a counterfeit item” to  “The dangers of counterfeit make up”

However the title of my post quickly changed to “The dangers of counterfeit make-up”, there was pages upon pages of in depth scientific research that has proven that some chemicals in some counterfeit make up has been linked to cancer, there are chemicals that also affect the hormones and can cause an imbalance.  Even some counterfeit lipsticks can have heavy metals in them, and what shocked me even more was that these heavy metals are also found in some hair dyes and these metal’s are actually toxic to the brain!!

Can’t I just keep an eye on the ingredients??   NO!!

It gets even worse….. When purchasing products there is always a list of ingredients which have been used listed usually on the back of your item, So if you know what lettering (as these long words are usually cut down to letters when a chemical is being listed as an ingredient) to look for to warn you of these terrible chemicals then you are pretty safe, then you are wrong.  Although that is the case with most products when it comes to perfume it is a completely different story, and here’s why, fragrance recipes are thought to be made in the strictest secrecy and so therefore the ingredients used to create the smell does not have to be listed and instead come marked solely as “fragrance” so if your counterfeit make up producing scam artist has snuck a cheaper version of what really should be in the formula he could easily hide it just by placing this wording within the list of ingredients.


I do not want to go in to to much details as I am keeping all of my big findings and tips on how to spot counterfeit make up, advice on what to do if you get landed with some, and there is so much more I want to share on this subject so you will just have to keep your eyes peeled for info on the guest blog post should I get accepted.

Fingers crossed, still got lots of work to do, so far the notes I have got have all been jotted down on paper and the amount of information I have on this article is unreal, to think there is so much info out there on this and yet I was still unaware of just how serious it all is.

When you look at the stats and numbers of just how many counterfeit products have been stopped reaching our bedrooms, and just how much MR Con-Man (not his real name, nor do I know a con man personally, lol) could have made you will be stunned.

Eyes peeled for info on this post which I will post on here if no one wants me to do a guest blog post for them….

Hey it happens, I will soldier on and still spread the news like a counterfeit make up fighting superhero!!!!

*quick update*

Since writing this post there has been a number of high profile make up moguls that have hit back about their products, or should I say, someone selling products as theirs,  Jeffree Star and Kylie Jenner to name but a few.  There is now thousands of articles out there on how to spot a fake and what to do if you buy a fake.  Ebay has articles dedicated to making sure you get an authentic/original item.

MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette review with swatches

MUA Heaven and Earth Eye shadow Pallet – Swatches and review ( highly recommended)


Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog post. Today I am reviewing the MUA Heaven and Earth Eye shadow Palette with swatches. I will be reviewing just how good or bad this product is. This palette actually came in a Glossybox, to whom I have subscribed to as their boxes are great value for money. You too may want to purchase one of these boxes once you have all the information and an honest opinion on just one of the products that I have acquired over the last three months of being a Glossybox subscriber. To have a look at what they offer click here

What About The Product?

This is the Heaven and Earth eye shadow palette from MUA ( make up artist) it contains 12 neutral toned eye shadows as well as a sponge applicator. The eye shadows have a little bit of glitter through each of them, some more than others.

The colours are lovely and could be used to create either a day look or a night look. There are shades that are kind of skin coloured so could be used everyday rather than just for those big nights out. I really like the fact that you can use this everyday, you really get your moneys worth out of a palette if you are using it on daily basis. I have a couple of eye shadow palettes that have lovely colours but are sat around collecting dust as the colours are bit extreme for picking up the kids from school, or going in to the office, so I really appreciate a palette that I can use for as my everyday go to palette.

Here are swatches of the colours available.

Aurora which is the first colour on the first row, it is my fave, it is perfect for highlighting and looks lovely across the entire lid for an everyday fresh look.


As you can see some of the colours have a lot of glitter and others not so much. None of the colours in the palette are completely matte, so I would not recommend this product if matte shadows is something you are looking for. As highlighting, and highly pigmented shades are so popular at the moment MUA have done amazing at creating an on trend popular palette that can be used in everyday life and not just for the cat walk or club.

One thing I really have to highlight is just how awesome a highlighter the shades with more glitter in them are. Here is a picture of me using the MUA Heaven and Earth palette only, I have used no other eye shadows, or any other highlighters. For this effect I have used aurora which is the first colour in the palette, I also have aurora spread across the entire lid with bedrock which is the last colour on the second row, on the outer corners of my lids, blended in in the centre with a little bit of Myan Dust which is the fourth colour on the first row. I would also consider using Myan Dust as a highlighter as well, it is pigmented enough to leave you with the same effect. Have a look at my tutorial featuring the palette, click here to have a look Neutral make up tutorial featuring the new heaven and earth palette from MUA Neutral make up tutorial featuring heaven and earth eyeshadow palette

Although I received this in a beauty box along with other products, I know I can say that me personally using this palette will not affect my bank balance but at only £8 for a really useful palette, buying this for yourself wont leave a dent in your bank balance either. I have spent a lot more money on palettes that I have only used two or three times and then I am left wondering why I even bothered buying it at all. I am confident that I will not be left feeling deflated and a bit cheated with this palette.

To Buy Or Not To Buy??

If you are looking for matte eye shadows then I would not recommend this. However it is an amazing product if on trend popular items is your thing as highly pigmented colour and highlighting is extremely on point at the moment.

I would purchase this palette, if you are looking for a palette that you can use everyday, if you are looking for a palette that will take you from day time to night time, and if you are looking for a palette that is great value for money then this is definitely for you.

You could easily pop this in your handbag and take it with you either to touch up your make up throughout the day or if you are going straight from work to a night out this palette would be all you need, with the colours being pigmented enough to give a really really nice highlighting effect you would not have to bring your entire make up collection in order to go from day time desk look to night time siren.

Ooooush amazing celeb inspired clothes at amazing value prices!!

A Little Bit About Ooooush

Ooooush describe themselves as being created with one very simple objective in mind that is amazing clothes at amazing prices. The company has formed strong bonds with manufacturers in Italy, Europe, and the rest of the world which allows customers to have a look at their celebrity inspired designs before anyone else. They strive to bring the latest trends and celeb inspired styles whilst ensuring the very best value for money.

What Makes Them Different??

Well that question is very easy for me to answer. The only thing that makes this company different from the likes of misguided, asos and pretty little thing (to whom they are constantly being compared to, as their clothing and style are similar) is their prices. The styles that are available are extremely on trend. Up to the minute styles at very cheap prices. you can see why this company is growing in popularity. You see more and more positive company reviews which are all raving about oooosh and their amazing value for money.

Take A Look At What They Have Here

If so far you like the sound of this company and fancy checking out this online store then click the image to be taken directly to their site Shop dresses at Ooooush

So What Do They Have For Me In The Sale??

They have some amazing offers in their sale. Here I have selected some of the most on trend, popular key piece’s for this season:

This dress I have actually ordered myself for a wedding I am attending this month, modeled by the beautiful Michelle Keegan, click here to be taken direct to this offer now only £12.99 Beautiful Briony Dress Click here

Next up is this lovely little lace skater dress priced at only £16,99 click here to get your Lace Skater Dress – Lola click here

One last item I am going to recommend from the sale (then I am going to highlight a few items that are not in the sale but are still great value for money items ) This is a red lips print body con dress called candy. Ideal for a night out, team with a trendy black hat for the ultimate trend alert Red Lips Print Dress – Candy only £11.99 click here

What Other Items Do They Have Other Than Sale Items??

Here are some other items that are not yet in the sale but could well end up in there, At these prices you would think that they are set at sale prices but they aren’t. Here is my selection of just some of the best stuff on their site:

The High Neck Jersey Top Inspired by Kylie Jenner, priced at only £4.99!!! This is an item that every girl should have in their wardrobe right now Kylie Jenner Inspired top click here

Micheele Keegan Inspired Black Wet Look Leggings only £7.99 Black Wet Look Leggings click here

Wine Ribbed Knitted Body Con Dress only £12.99 This is a stunning dress Beautiful Wine ribbed knitted body con dress available in a variety of colours

Kimberley Garner and Ellie Goulding have both been papped out in these awesome leggings and for only £7.99 you too can join the fashion elite Gingham Leggings click here

Other Available Promotions

That isn’t all. If you order over £25 you will receive free delivery, and if you sign up now you will receive 15% off your first offer, so go on grab yourself a celeb inspired bargain now…

Forever21 and Thier Amazing Sale – From £2

If you love a bargain then you are going to love this.  I received an e-mail this morning from forever21, with details of their latest sale.  “Womens clothes from £2 and Mens clothes from £4”.

Of course I went directly to their site to check out this awesome offer.

Forever21 has to be one of the most popular online clothing stores at the moment, it has dramatically grown in popularity over the last year.  With it very on trend clothing and accessories you would think that it would be pricey too.  I can assure it is not. Forever21 has been compared to the likes of misguided and asos but the price’s in my opinion are much more affordable.

I recently done a post onmy latest obsessions and one of those obsessions was with bomber jackets.  I know that a nice bomber jacket from asos or misguided would set you back roughly £30, on Forever21’s site you can grab yourself on trend, lovely bomber jacket for only £18
FOREVER21 Women's Dusty Pink Padded Bomber Jacket

A Bit About The Company
To outline just how much this company has grown popularity, let me tell you this. This company has been around for 30 years and is the 5th biggest specialty retailer in the US. It has dramatically grown within the last year with sales over $700,00 USD. They aim to be an $8 billion pound company by 2017 and open another 600 stores worldwide. Although forever21 has had this all of this success it is still a family run and owned business, maybe that is their secret to not being pushed aside by some of the giants within this industry.

Deals, Offers, Sales And Promotions

Available Promotions:

They currently run a 21% off weekly deal offer, the best way to be kept up to date with this offer would be to sign up th their newsletter. This offer is a limited time only offer so I would get in their quick. They items they stock are very sought after items at very low prices. So I would get in there quick

Another current promotion they are running is the dresses under £20, and there are dresses ranging from day dresses to night dresses, prom dresses and more, read on as I will be listing a few of my favourite items from their promotions, sale and normal priced items.

The Sale:
This is an amazing sale you can bag yourself these items for under £5:
Twist Front Crop Top – £4.74 click the link for this deal http://www.dpbolvw.net/click-8112046-12277521-1438191941000
Ribbed Knit Tee – originally £9.90 now £4.74 FOREVER21 Women's Ribbed Knit Tee

Contemporary Leaf Print Tank £3.99 LOVE21 Women’s Ivory & Teal Contemporary Leaf Print Tank


Black Etched Cross Choker – Only £3.00 FOREVER21 Etched Cross Choker

And Here Are some of my faves from the regular priced items, if you do sign up to the newsletter, you will be able to keep an eye on some of these items, and maybe they will one day be in one of forever 21’s awesome sales:
Faux Suede platform Ankle Boot – £23.00 FOREVER21 Women's Black Faux Suede Platform Ankle Boot


Contemporary midi dress – £23.00


What else do they offer?
They also do many other categories, such as mens, kids, accessories, and shoes, they also have make up bags, brushes and lip glosses.

Go on now and take full advantage of the amazing sales and promotions that are currently running, click the link to be taken to their homepage, and remember to sign up for future deals and offer. Oh and keep and eye out on their site as rumour has it that they sometimes to spur of the moment mark-downs, flash sales and other special promotions.
forever 21

Complete Beauty Essential

Hey there girls and guys. I hope that we are all good on this very windy morning.

Today I have brought to you a new kind of post, I have put together all you will need to give yourself a beautiful natural everyday look.  I have completely scoured the web,put forward  my favourite products, and products that I know through experience work.  There are a couple of little bargains amongst this little lot and that may be something else you notice……..That there are not thousands of products.  No you do not need loads of different products in order to achieve a fresh glowing complexion.  Also for an everyday make up look I leave out the eyes completely.  On my usual days I am doing housework, walking the dog, getting the kids ready for school, dropping off and picking them up from school and I sometimes think that turning up to the school gates with my best winged eyeliner look can sometimes be a bit much even though it looks cool as hell. One rule I like to use when putting on my minimal fresh faced look is to either do my eyes or my lips, and for me I will always opt for the lips, there are just to many beautiful matte lipsticks out there to just leave them out of my make up routine, I just can’t do it.  You may be different and opt for the eyes but just remember if you do go for the eyes instead of the lips that less is more……No spider lashes please.

Quick Tip…..

If you want your lashes to be darker than they are but with very little effort then there is a brand new product on the market that I personally can’t wait to get my hands on, I have blonde hair so I therefor have blonde eyelashes, although they are long lashes and I am always being asked if I am wearing fake lashes, unless I have a lot of mascara on (which for me having to get ready in the morning with, two young kids takes up to much time due to the amount I actually have to apply, and with it, it brings a whole other range of things that takes up to much time, such as making sure my lashes do not look like spider legs, making sure they are not all stuck together, and making sure that I am not suffering from wonky eyes which if you didn’t already know is caused by having slightly more mascara on one eye than the other. Hense why I opt for the quick lip) you basically cannot see them, yes they are totally invisible. Anyway, if you are like me then you have to try out the new Volume Colourist Mascara By Rimmel which tints lashes over time, you do not have to apply a lather to your lashes to achieve the desired tinting effect. This is a new must have for every single lady or ladyette I know get yours here Volume Colourist Mascara Only £4.99 From Ebay,–>