My christmas day baby (my daughter cody) Pro’s and Con’s.

I love this post on my beautiful baby daughter xxx

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Hello everyone. I thought I would write a post about the pro’s and con’s of having a christmas day baby, and also give some insight in to how my daughter feels about celebrating her birthday with many other children on her special day.

Cody’s due date was actually the 31st of December 2010. So my thoughts had turned to wondering if I will have the first baby of 2011. I had my hospital bag packed. Probably over packed as this was my first baby and so did not know what to expect, what to pack, I did’nt really have a clue about anything baby related. I was told when I was 18 that my ovulation was low and that my chances of concieving were very slim. So I was very shocked when I fell pregnant. I had never bothered about contraception partly because of the news the doctor had given…

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