Tops under £20 you can wear with anything.




We are all becoming more and more busy.  Gone are the days where you can walk around a department store trying everything on.  There’s hustle and bustle everywhere, people banging into you, it’s not as therapeutic as it once was.  Looking for an outfit or even just putting an outfit together for the next day is becoming a much less enjoyable task due to our lives becoming much more busy, that’s just a fact of life, we as humans are the busiest we have ever been.  So, I have scoured the web for stores that sell amazing  items that you can wear anywhere and with anything.  Let’s take the guess-work out of putting together an outfit “will this go with that” and “does denim on denim really look cool?” and just because all the fashion magazine’s say it’s an in look, does not mean it’s going to look amazing on you, after all, the models we see in magazines have all just walked out of the hair and makeup chair straight in front of the camera, where as we have probably done the school run, cleaned the house and done a food shop all before 10am.

Even our A-list celebs get the latest trends very wrong

“Miley Cyrus”

This is a double dose of denim on denim and an example of

how easily an “in” trend can go wrong.

“Brittney Spears & Justin”

Faster Living = Easier Fashion Picks

Our lifestyles have changed and so are our wardrobes.  Wearing 6 inch heels to work when you have a 12 hour shift ahead of you is not something we do anymore.  Yes, maybe the girls of “The Real Housewives Of (Wherever)” can but I feel they may do slightly less than the average person in a 24 hour day. Now we look for comfortable, on trend items, that can put together with ease.

No NeNe us really real people do not go to work like that!!


No, I am being serious, we don’t!!


Seriously we don’t

We are not going to go through the entire wardrobe in one post so I will start with tops that can be worn with almost anything, then move on to the other items in another post so keep an eye out for them.


Top’s that can be worn with anything, anywhere!!

1 – Black brushed chain print long sleeved top – Select Fashion £11.99 and free shipping when you sign up to their weekly newsletter

This is a great top that will go with almost anything, team with skinny jeans and a jacket with sheepskin boots or even a body warmer would look cute with a pair of trainers.

2 – Dusty Blue flared long sleeved top – Select fashion – £4.00 *ON SALE* and free shipping if you sign up to their weekly newsletter!
I love this top, it’s plain enough so that it will be easily styled with jeans, leggings, or a knee-length skirt, but the pretty sleeves and colour keeps it very feminine and cute.  This is also available in different colours, all equally as pretty as the blue, and, it’s also on sale at the moment for only £4.00, but that’s not all, if you sign up to Select Fashion’s weekly newsletter you become eligible for free shipping!!

3. Julie roll neck knitted jumper dress – Be jealous – £17.99

I love jumper dresses, the are so versatile and look really stylish.  They are also extremely comfortable.  Team with leggings, tight, boots, or flats.

4. Neon Pink Rib Knit High Neck Top – Parsian Fashion -£12.00

This is a website, they have some really nice items, all at really affordable price’s.  This top is great, it’s again versatile, and bright.  It’s very on trend and would finish off any outfit.  Team with skinny jeans and trainers, team with a body warmer and fleece lined boots, or some flats and a denim jacket. I would highly recommend checking this company out.  Click on the blue link above.

5.Brushed checked shirt – Select Fashion £7.99

No wardrobe is complete without a shirt.  So, versatile, and always in fashion, the check shirt is an item that can stay in your fashion arsenal for a long, long time due to its timeless on trend style. Not only can it be styled with almost anything but you can style the actual shirt a few different ways, tuck it in, buttoned up, leave it open, button up some and leave the bottom undone, then grab the unbuttoned ones and tie them, there are loads of ways you can change your look.  This is a definite must have item for any lady!!

There you have it.  I know you may think that only five items is not very much to show you guys.  But, a rule of creating a timeless wardrobe is to have a small amount of quality, staple items, that are versatile.

I really should practise what I preach.  I am guilty of having drawers full of tops that I have not worn for years.  To keep on top of your clothes, you are meant to clear out your wardrobe every season.  This ensures that you throw away the pieces that you are never going to wear again. and replace them with items that fit the description above (ones that are high quality, on trend, and versatile).

Although the most important thing, that out weighs every single rule out there, is make sure you are happy and comfortable in what you wear.  It does not matter about trends or styles.  If it makes you feel good then its a winner in my (look) book.

Love, Live, Slay!!!

This post may contain affiliate  links.  Affiliate links are links to other websites.  If you click on a link in my blog, which then takes you to a website, where you make a purchase, I earn a small commission from that sale.  I appreciate every person reading this, and do not want you guys not knowing what you’re clicking on.


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