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Forever Direct Selling Company Review

Forever Review (Direct Selling Company)

I would just like to say before I kick this off that I am in no way affiliated with any direct selling company, none of my posts on any Direct selling companies are in no way paid. I am doing this so that people like you and I can have a 100 percent honest review of a DSC (Direct Selling Company). Most of the reviews that you find online about these companies are either, by independent consultants of the company, or, are paid blog post’s which means that the blogger has had a cash payment for a blog post in return, and as much as all us bloggers would like to say “no matter how much we are paid that all of our reviews are 100 percent honest”………..But, being paid to do a blog post definitely makes the review a little softer.

About Forever

If you have never came across Forever before, then let me get you up to speed. They are one of the longer running companies that are out there, they have been active in the U.K and Ireland since 1993 and have grown a very loyal fan base of Forever finatics since then. Their unique selling point is that all of their products main ingredient is aloe vera, even their toothpaste!! They are a debt – free, cash – rich, family run business, originally based in Arizona U.S.A, and founded in 1978, with an astounding turnover of 2.6 billion dollars. They also own all of their aloe fields, and grow and harvest using a patented process called cold pressing. This means that they only use the gel part of the plant they do not use the green outer part of the leaf as this can cause allergic reactions in some people. Clients that have had this type of reaction using another aloe vera based brands feel that it is the aloe vera they are allergic to which is not they case. People that have used Forever’s products do not get the reaction they had while using other brands. Their process is totally unique. And just a little interesting fact, aloe is actually part of the lily family and is also known as the “miracle plant” or “natural healer”, it has soothing properties and is very versatile.

Products I tried and info

I was kindly sent some samples to try by the lovely Dawn Humphries who only had amazing things to say about the company, she explains in an e-mail that working for Forever has given her financial freedom and not only is her family benefiting from her being at home but her bank balance has also been given a boost. But, like I said at the beginning, she will only have nice things to say about the company and thier products, the simple fact of the matter is that she wants people like you and I to buy these products from her. I am in no way saying that this company has not done fantastic things for her work and personal life, I am just here to give a honest opinion of the products. So, here is the list of items I was sent, how I used them, what I thought and what they claim to do for you.

Forever 3 pic collage

1.Aloe Gelly – This items is sometimes referred to as the first aid kit in a tube. Remember that interesting fact that probably bored you?? I said that aloe vera was very versatile. Well this item is a perfect example of that as it has so many different uses, not only can this be used on minor scrapes, cuts, bites, stings, and burns, but its so gentle that you can use it if you have just become a mum as it can be used for nappy rash, place it in the fridge and rub on teething babies gums, or for ulcers or you can even swallow a spoonful if you have a sore throat. It doesn’t only have to be used to heal, its like a type of serum so it can be used on hair or skin. I used it on my hair. I placed a little in the palms of my hands and smoothed it through damp hair. I also used it after drying and styling for a smooth shiny finish, and to keep fly away hairs at bay. I was sent sample sizes of all of the items, this would be one that I would buy a full sized tube of, I am a mother of two and it would be a great alternative to other, stingy products that I have used on burns or scratches that my kids had in the past.

2.Aloe moisturizing lotion – This product is a sure fire way to fight back against pollutants your skin faces on a daily basis. It maintains the skins natural PH balance, its also a great base before make up application. I used this as part of my morning routine, after washing my face with an exfoliating face wash, I applied this lotion, waited for it to dry, then applied my make up as usual. Anyone that has read my blog knows that I am a make up fanatic and I have tried many primers and this stands up beside the best. The product I would say this is most similar to after make up application would be Maybeline baby soft skin. It has the same finish and make up stays nice and matte throughout the day. My make up went on smoothly and my skin looked smooth and plump all day. I was surprised how much of a difference it actually made if I am completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this item so I was pleasantly surprised by its results. Another thing that’s worth noting, when I change from one product to another I tend to have a bit of a breakout on the first few days of using a new product but due to the PH balancing properties in this lotion, that did not happen on this occasion which was definite relief for me!!

toothgel and gelly (forever)

3.AloePropolis Creme – Another extremely versatile product. After reading up on this product as I was unsure as to what it actually was as I had never heard of propolis before so wondered what it did, I learned that propolis is actually the waxy substance bee’s use to line their hives. Its water tight and is also anti-bacterial. Forever adds this to the Aloe Vera which makes it ideal for treating dry skin conditions. Its also very useful if you suffer from cracked heels (Yep, sounds so UN-sexy, but even the celebs suffer from this unsightly condition!!) due to it being a natural anti-fungal agent. I used this everyday as a hand cream, as a mum of two, with a part-time cleaning job my hands get really dry due to using lots of different cleaning products. I sometimes get small rash like bumps on my hand, this cream did not sting the rash like other products I had tried and by the time the sample was finished, although it had not gone away completely I had noticed a huge difference. I would totally but a full size version of this product and would recommend it to anyone that has a skin condition.

Forever 3 pic collage

4.Forever Bright Tooth Gel – Yep!!!!! A toothpaste that actually contains not only Aloe Vera but that amazing bee propolis which is amazing at fighting mouth ulcers. I don’t know why but I was expecting this to taste weird but it didn’t, it was nice and minty. Its bright green in colour which was a surprise as I squeezed it out of the sample sachet. It left my teeth smooth to run my tongue along, my breath was nice and fresh, my teeth looked clean and shiny but I would need a bigger amount of this to be able to give an honest fair review. I will purchase this and review again at a later date so keep your eyes peeled for that!!

5.Aloe Matters Magazine issue 17 – This is the summer special edition and features former

England rugby star Ben Cohen. It contains loads of information on product tips, to, how to make your own summer sorbet’s. There is even a skincare guide which helps ladies like myself, achieve youthful skin. There is another great guide which helps you avoid any summer time beauty blunders. There is plenty of interesting information in this mag, and I am really glad that Dawn sent this along with the samples, it gives me a better feel of what Forever are all about.

So, What is the verdict??

Well, I had never heard of Forever before, which is surprising as they have been around for a while. I really like that all of their products are natural, their products are actually so gentle that they can be used on even animals”!! Not only are they a great company with great morals, but the products do not cause any suffering to any human or animal in any way shape or form. I would happily but the toothpaste and the lotion. After looking through the magazine there are a few other items I would like to try such as the aloe-jojoba shampoo and conditioning rinse. They are also introducing an new

line of anti-ageing skin care, called Infinite by Forever. After reading the double page spread featured in the magazine I would love to add one or two of these items to my night time routine. I am 32 and really need to start using a good anti-aging skin care product so this has presented itself at just the right time, and if I get the results described in the magazine then I won’t have these worry lines for much longer.

infinte by forever

Fave item – Moisturizing Lotion!!

If you would like to find out more about Forever and their amazing products then head toThe World Of Aloe or Dawns FB Page – Forever Living Dawn or feel free to drop Dawn an e-mail if you have any other Forever related questions at Dawn’s E-mail address

Have a great day guys, have happy positive thoughts, don’t let the small stuff get you down, live,love slay!!!!!!

Top 5 tips to a brighter complexion


All my life, even when I was as healthy as could be and I am talking, drinking at least 8 pints of water a day, drinking cranberry juice by the bucket load for the benefits of the anti-oxidants in it, exercising everyday, and I was around 18 at this point in my life so my skin should have been glowing, but, I have never had glowing skin.  It’s just the way it has always been for me.  So, now I am 33 and my complexion is terrible, two kids, a dog and a partner that has pretty much swapped his mother taking care of him to me tending to him, so, looking after my skin has been way down on my list of priorities for the last few years. So, around 6 months ago I decided I really had to invest in my skin and started looking after it again, in any way I could.  I have tried every weird mix of home-made face mask as well as taken enough vitamins to fuel an Olympic athlete for a good few years and here are my top 5 methods I have found to be the best.


Exfoliate – I cannot highlight just how important this is, in order to reveal the beautiful skin underneath, you have to make sure that you slough off all of the dead skin cells, dirt and grease that’s laying on top of that gorgeous skin that I just know is bursting to get out.  It also clears all of your pores, ensuring that there are no breakouts, or that no horrible little blackheads form.  And, another little tip for you, look for exfoliating face washes that have alpha hydroxy acids, such as glycollic acid included in them, it’s as simple as reading the list of ingredients, it may seem like such a tedious thing to do, but, trust me, your skin will love you and reward you for it.

Take your vitamins – I know, I know, everyone takes vitamins nowadays.  If you want to take full advantage of the benefits taking vitamins can make to your skin, then here are the following vitamins that are most beneficial to your skin and why, Vitamin B, integral to skin generation and slowing the signs of ageing, vitamin C, is key to achieving a bright even complexion, vitamin D, prevents breakouts and skin from appearing shallow.  As well as taking your vitamins everyday, you should also keep an eye on those all important ingredients in products, try to buy smart, get yourself things like an exfoliator or skin brightener with vitamin C in it.

Use radiance boosting makeup – There are some amazing products on the market that many celebrities use in order to gain that glow from within look.  Apply a skin illuminating cream underneath your make up for a subtle, youthful, dewy glow, there have been some amazing reviews on Nars illuminator, its said to take your skin from dull to bright in one easy step.  Bronzers are also really handy for this too, use a shimmery bronzer instead of a matte and apply it everywhere the sun would naturally hit the face.

Coconut Oil, if you have yet to try it then do it, do it now!!! – Virgin coconut oil has the ability to restore and rejuvenate damaged skin. But, that’s not all it does, it has a long list of benefits for your skin, It heals repairs and leaves your skin radiant, it fights free radicals due to the amazing anti-oxidants in it, and it is amazing for evening out your skin tone, improving the skins texture leaving you with a subtle glow.  The list of benefits doesn’t end there, coconut oil can be used on your hair, skin, and is also very beneficial when digested, but that’s a totally different blog post.

Always remember, whats going on on the outside, is a reflection of what’s going on in the inside!! The busy girls guide to getting your 5 a day!! – I know, you are bound to be sick of hearing this, you are what you eat, the way to  healthy skin, hair nails and everything else we all want to be perfect, starts on the inside.  Although, the thought of a healthy as can be, fresh fruit and veg kind of breakfast, lunch and dinner makes me feel amazing and really motivated about eating healthy, I just do not have the time to prepare before every meal, sometimes I do have time but sometimes isn’t enough, so, I got myself a blender, so every morning I throw what ever fruit the kids fancy into the blender, add some hidden ingredients such as cucumber which my son is adamant he does not like, so it’s not only great for your skin but for your stress levels, which we all know is the primary cause of those frown lines, and those two horrid lines in between your eyebrows, What? You don’t have them?? Looks like it’s just me then!!  You can also throw things such as kale, ginger, broccoli, and any other nutrient rich super food.  Great for your skin, saves time, gets some fruit and veg into your and your children if you have any, and great for your overall health, a total winner.


Two of my fave homemade face masks for glowing skin!!

Lemon and Milk – Both lemon and milk contain alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that promote dead cell removal. Combining both of these inexpensive, readily available products together makes for an amazing instant glowing boost to tired dull skin.  Take 2 table spoons full of milk (you can use what ever milk you like but I use whole milk, simply because it’s the type of milk I use in my household) and 2 tea spoons full of lemon juice, leave in a dish or bowl for a while till it gets to room temperature,the milk breaks down and creates a type of curd, I know it sounds gross, but, give it a go and I bet you will be doing a weekly application, apply the curd mixture to a clean dry face then allow it to sit on the skin for around 20 – 30 minutes then wash it off with clean luke warm water.

Banana, Cinnamon and Honey – Take half a banana and mash it into an even consistency. Then add 2 tbsp of organic honey and ½ tbsp of finely ground cinnamon powder. Mix to create a soft paste. Wash the face with warm water to cleanse, apply the paste with your fingers and allow it to dry for 20-30 minutes before rinsing off. Cinnamon not only opens up the pores on the skin for better penetration of the nutrients from the banana and honey, but also helps fight blemishes on the skin. Adding the banana soothes the dry skin while honey fights free radical damage and exerts antibacterial action.


  • A Quick Note *

So, I never really thought that I would be including such a step within a top tip blog post, especially about skin care.  So, here’s why or how it came to be, not within the top 5 but a side note within this post.  I am part of a Facebook group, which if you are a beauty fanatic you have either heard of or are already part of, it’s called, wake up to make up, a girl posted the following status in the group ” Is going to sleep with your make up on, THEN, applying another layer on top of it the next day really a thing???? I have just read a post in another group where a few girls said that they do this to save time in the morning, it seems a little weird to me, should I give it a try or trust my intuition and give this fad a miss??”  OMG, seriously, going to sleep with your makeup on is terrible for your skin, then, applying another layer on top of your already blocked pores is a sure-fire way to breakout town and black head city!! I obviously was not the only person that commented on the post advising the young postee to give this so-called fad a miss.  This must just be handful of girls as I have never ever heard of this before.  If you apply a full face of make up which clearly takes to long for you to fit in to your morning routine, then you really need to prioritise your skin care routine above your make up application routine, it would be much better to opt for a clean fresh face which would give a beautiful base and therefore a much better finish to your makeup, rather than a full face of make up, which will slowly build up within your pores making your skin appear dirty, dull, spotty, it will definitely create blackheads, as we all know are blocked pores, so, please girls, even if you have only got time to exfoliate with a face wash, then apply a little moisturizer, then that’s fucking awesome, that’s all you need, keep the deep penetrative treatments for night-time when you have more time, your skin will thank you in the long run.

I hope some of these pointers helps someone, anyone, out there who suffers with bad skin the way I did when I was in my teenage years.  I know just how soul crushing it can be when you have covered every base when preparing for a big event, whether that was my 4th year school disco, or, the day I decided I was finally brave enough to ask that boy out….. Then……. your skin goes ahead and throws you curve ball, in the shape of a massive, red horrid spot!!! And, in my case, it usually was not just one, I had breakouts, really bad breakouts.  So, if I can help someone then I am totally fulfilled as a human being!!!

Love, Live, Slay!!


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Top Cosmetic’s Companies for quality and affordability


Hello my beautiful people, today I have been looking at some of the amazing budget buys that are out there at the moment, there are so many to chose from. Let’s see who have made my top bargain cosmetics companies so you know exactly where to go to get yours:
NYX cosmetics – matte lipsticks and Lip creams are great, they are matte but without drying your lips, I have had some pretty bad reactions to some matte lipsticks but these have amazing staying power without any horrible side affects.

Elf cosmetics – Love this company, eyes, lips, face have an amazing amount of different products to choose from, and guess what?? Some items start from as little as of items under £3.

Coastal scents – This company has grown in popularity due to their lovely cruelty free perfumes, every single item I have purchased has smelt absolutely amazing.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – find OCC at Sephora, who doesn’t like a look through the total beauties Sephora has to offer so here, have another excuse to go in, check out OCC and the amazing products they have to offer at really affordable price’s, you will not be disappointed.
Essence cosmetics – one of my total fave’s.  This is a  European brand with great gel eyeliners and pastel eye shadows, I am a big fan of pretty much everything though!!  I love the blusher, the foundation, some items may not be as long lasting as the high-end products but that is the only critique I have, and for something that can be bought at the fraction of the price of the high-end stuff then that’s a downside I can deal with.

Physicians formula – Another company that has recently grown in popularity due their products, there are no harsh chemicals in their products making them ideal if you have sensitive skin

2B Colours – This is a newish brand from Europe, you can find them at ULTA.  I have not used any of the products by this company so I am taking a bit of a punt here and risking a bit of back lash since I am recommending a company product I have not used, but, the reviews I have read are amazing, they are a company with really great morals and the price’s of the products are what I like to call affordable quality, if you have used them then please leave a comment and share your experience!!

Barry M – good old Barry M great lipsticks from £3.  I think I own about 50 of the nail varnishes, then there is the ever famous Barry M glitter pots that no make up bag is complete without. A really great company who create great products at amazingly great price’s. What more can you ask for??

Bh Cosmetics – I absolutely  love their 88 colour tropical shimmer palette for only £11.95!! And have great deals on make up brushes too. This is my go to place if I am looking for something specific, or for a good big item to update my makeup bag with, there are always great palette’s available, full of the most on trend shades, and for a great price.

Bourjois – another of my fave, I own a few Bourjois products, their matte lipsticks are also amazing, they do not dry out my lips, they look amazing and last forever.  They also do really great mascara, eyeliner and blusher.  You can find Bourjois pretty much any where, from Superdrug and Boots to your local Lloyds Pharmacy, its a really popular brand, another I like to call affordable quality.

Also check out trendslove for promo codes for all of the above, also all of the above sold at sephora or ULTA.

If there are any companies that you think deserve to be on the list above then please leave a comment and let me know who they are and why your a fan.


Polyvore sets up date!!



My sets via Polyvore.

Hey, here is the total collection of sets from Polyvore, I have had an amazing and very unexpected response from using Polyvore and want to use it more.


What can I expect from your outfits/sets?

I will be doing post’s on single set’s as well as doing an update of the entire collection of sets every 2 to 3 months.

You can find set’s for everything, if you like an item all you do is click on it and you will be taken directly to the retailer.  I do not get anything for you clicking on the link, there is no pay per click or I am not affiliated with the company.  I like community spirit so all I get from you using Polyvore via this blog, or my sets is the amazing feeling of belonging I get knowing there is people out there that are interested in the same things I am.  That may seem a little deep but its true!!  If you want to check Polyvore out click on the link to have a look, I personally really enjoy it, you can be creative, design your own living space, create your own outfits or even beauty looks, it a great place to go for shopping too, just have a look around the sets which by the way are amazing, if you see something you like click on it, or even if you see an entire outfit!! Anni’s Lucky Boutique/Polyvore click here babe!


My sets/outfits and beauty picks so far!!

Remember I am a Polyvore Fledgling!! I am still getting to know the site but so far so good, I love it!!


What’s your lucky colour??

Hello my beauties. This is a blog post relating to a competition I am running on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. All you have to do to be entered into the competition for the chance to win a $100 Nordstrom gift card is, use your lucky colours in your makeup then post a pic via any of the accounts mentioned above with the #colourmelucky and that’s it. Links to the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to post on are at the very end of this post as are the rules to the comp.


if you have landed on this page then you are more than likely looking to find out what your lucky colours are in order to win that nordstrom gift card worth $100 aren’t you??

Well, good on you sister. There aren’t many rules to this little comp just remember and use the hastag #colourmelucky within your pic.

List of star signs and lucky colours:

Aries: Red, green, pink

Taurus: light pink, light blue, turquoise

Gemini: yellow, green, white

Cancer:silver, white, pale blue

Leo: red, yellow, orange

Virgo: peach, pastel blue, yellow

Libra: blue, rose pink, Violet

Scorpio: red, brown, grey

Saggitarius: lilac, dark purple, blue

Capricorn: white, bright pink, Violet

Aquarius:electric blue, turquoise, Violet

Pisces: purole, green, turquoise

There are many different lists of lucky colour per zodiac sign. I have researched lucky colours for over 10 years and these are the most common umongst well known, knowledgable organisations.

Have a blast with this. Competition ends on the 27th March at 10pm Gmt. Winner announced. 29th March 2pm Gmt. 3 entries per person.


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Twitter – Colour Me Lucky (Anni reddie)

Facebook – Colour Me Lucky

How-to simple cut crease

Hey,  guys today I am going to show you step by step how to get that ever sought after look of the moment. And believe it or not, it’s actually not that complicated. I am going to show you the easy basic version. Once you have mastered this you can add, and master beautifully blended lines and different colours to take it as extreme as you like. Here is a pic of the finished look.

First things first as always prime your eyelids with an EYE primer. No, you can’t just use your face primer, your eyelids are much more oily than your face and eye primer is much more capable of dealing with this as that’s what it’s built to do. Once you have your eye nicely primed grab a beige or ivory colour and sweep over the entire eye although do make sure you stop around 1cm before the brow. Then take a little brown shade and apply at the outer crease with a blending brush, add a little more product and build up that colour. Once you are happy with the colour of your crease. Here comes the only tricky part!! Take a light concealer, I like to use No 7 instant radiance concealer for this, it has a brush which makes the application a lot easier. However, I have done a cut crease using a different concealer and apply the concealer to a small fine lip brush. Once you have chosen your application method, take your brush with concealer on it and draw a line right in the centre of your crease, all the way along from inner eye to outer eye. Take as much time with this as you can perfect your line, the more of a sharp line you create the much more of a stunning visual will be created. Make sure you sweep your brush along the lid with very little concealer on it at the end just to make sure the entire lid is covered. Now for the fun but. Take an amazing colour, I like a pale pink or a deep purple but you can use any kick-ass colour you like. ( top tip – remember opposites really do attract when it comes to colour get yourself a colour wheel, google it, then have a look at where your eye colour is and whatever colour is opposite it is a great colour for you to choose for this) Apply your kick ass colour over the concealer, take a blending brush and blend the colours at the outer edge. Finish with black eyeliner and lashings of mascara. Don’t forget to do your brows, and highlighter for full effect.



via PressSync

Trying to build my professional make up kit – Where to start??

As some of you may or may not know I am trying my best to pursue my passion which is makeup and making people feel good and turn it into a career.  I recently did a blog post about enrolling with QC Makeup academy.  I am now no longer enrolled with QC makeup academy as I am now going to attend my local college instead. There are a few pros about taking this route instead of enrolling with QC makeup academy and then there are also some cons, such as enrolling with QC makeup academy I would have had my starter kit by now, I am not 100% sure if I will be supplied with a makeup kit with the course I am doing at college.  To be honest, I very much doubt it as in Scotland in order to go on to do the makeup artistry course I have to complete the NVQ beauty therapy course to  achieve the entry requirements, this course is a 1-year course, so I will not get any makeup starter kit until I am actually enrolled in the makeup artistry course.  One of the pros about going to college is that it is far cheaper, and I will get much more practical experience.  I am a mother of two young kids so the fact that I will not be forking out £60 per month for a makeup course will make a big difference to me and my children

What I have been doing to achieve my dream!!!

Although I have to do a year of beauty therapy before I can jump right into makeup artistry, I have been researching everything there is to know about the makeup artistry business and what it takes to succeed in this industry.  I have read book after book about the business side of things, about different techniques, about different ingredients, formulas, I have business plans, 5 years plan, and a ten-year plan.  I have also been reaching out to local established professional makeup artists asking if they were in need of an assistant for the day.  After contacting about ten makeup artists I eventually got word back from Lynne Mills, the owner of eye-candy.  Lynne is a well established professional makeup artist who has had her work featured in vogue, cosmopolitan and also did the makeup for Ronan Keatings nuptials.  As you can imagine I was elated when she contacted me, she invited me to assist at one of her makeup masterclasses.  I will be assisting the professional makeup artist with things like setting up, cleaning brushes etc.  Obviously, this is unpaid but the experience I will gain is priceless.  Opportunities like this do not come along often, so I have been cleaning up on basic techniques just in case I am asked to anything during the masterclass, I do not want to be caught out. I have a good while to prepare as the next lot of masterclasses do not start until the 11th of March which suits me fine as it gives me plenty of time to prepare myself.  I have also taken to cliptomize which in an online scrapbook where I am keeping snippets and photos of any looks that inspire me as well as any color schemes, formulas to try, face charts.  Although having an online scrapbook is great I am going to invest in a good scrapbook that I can hold in my hand, I prefer having a notebook to having everything on my computer.  In my spare time all I do is read up on the makeup artistry business, and take notes.

Building my kit!HELP

So now that I am getting into the swing of things my attention has now turned to my kit and where to start with it all.  I realize that most blog posts tell you what to put in your kit, where this blog post is more asking for help or advice than anything.  I have no clue as to where to start.  I do not know whether just to build it product by product on my own or to purchase a pre-assembled one, I also do not know which brands are good and which ones would get you laughed out of the studio.  I have spent at least the last month looking over makeup starter kits and to be honest I have just totally bamboozled myself.  One brand that has caught my eye is Shany, they have a great value kit that consists of everything that you would need when just starting out.  Of course, I would add to this kit as I go along.  Another brand that I have come across that looks really good is Mehron and RCMA but I have not managed to find any pre-assembled kits made by either of these companies.  I have had a really good look on amazon and eBay but the things is, because I am not aware of which brands to steer clear of I do not know if I am getting quality as well as value for money.

Please comment below, I really need some guidance.

So I know that this is a little unorthodox as most blog posts tell you how to do thigs and are normally full of information for you guys, but this time I am asking for a little help.  Like I have just mentioned there are lots of blog posts on how to make a starter kit but every post I have read is very6 different to the next, what is said to be a great make in one blog post is the one to steer clear of in another.  So I thought if I could get some response on this and take the most recommended products, or starter kit or even the ones to stay well away from and start from there.  Is Shany a good brand, does Mehron do starter kits??

Starter Kits with payment plans

This is also a subject that I can do with a little guidance on.  I have scoured the internet looking for proper professional kits that I could maybe pay up.  I know that there a few options available such as QVC easy pay, Beautylish offer a payment plan on their products, but I was wondering if there was a professional makeup artist out there that could point me in the right direction.  There may not be such a thing as a good quality starter kit that is available with a payment plan but if there is one out there then this is sure fire way to find out about it.  When I was contacting all of those professional makeup artists in the hopes that I would be able to be their assistant for the day, I never thought that anopportunityy like the one I have would present itself but it did, so hopefully this request will have a similar outcome.  My mum used to always say “if you dont ask you will never know”.



Thanks Annmarie


Your guide to the best beauty buys this cyber Monday

Your Guide to the Best Beauty Buys this Cyber Monday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Time for some serious beauty discounts! With Cyber Monday just around the corner, it’s time to get your laptop, coffee, credit cards and holiday shopping list ready. Of course, these deals are only available online, so there’s no need to brave the cold or the crowds this weekend—you can be productive while staying in your post-Thanksgiving-dinner sweatpants.

To keep you focused, we curated a list of the best deals in beauty for Cyber Monday. But you’ll want to act fast because these codes will expire after the dates listed below.
Cyber Monday Beauty Deals


Who: Giorgio Armani

What’s the Deal: 20% off Private sale event that runs through Cyber Monday with code: ARMANI20

  • Receive a complimentary, full-sized Rouge Sheer D’Armani in Blood Orange, with orders of $150+.
  • Products we love:

Lip Maestro

Ecstasy Lacquer Holiday Edition

Crema Nuda

Who: Kérastase

What’s the Deal: Saturday 11/26 & Sunday 11/27 spend over $100 and receive free shipping, 15% off, and a Bonus Sample Trio.

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Arbonne award winning mascara review

Hello beautiful people. Today I am reviewing a mascara that I was kindly sent to review. The very beautiful Emma Bundy contacted me via Facebook and had read my blog. She asked if I would review a couple of items and I excitedly accepted. Emma is a rep for Arbonne, a make up company who pride themselves on using the best and most natural ingredients in their make up. A little more about Emma and the company later but right now let’s get down to their products.

The Items I was sent were a hand cream, a primer and an award winning mascara.

I have tried all three items but have decided to give my finding in three Separate blog posts.

I love mascara and it’s the one item of make up I wear even on a no make up day. If my eyebrows and lashes are sorted then I am confident to go about my day proudly.

The mascara’s wand has comb like teeth which ensures that every last little lash has been grabbed and covered in the thick, rich black formula.

I totally see why this mascara has won an award. My lashes were instantly longer. And with a little rub of the wand on the ends of my lashes they were made much longer that even my partner (who didn’t notice when I died my hair from blonde to pink) noticed my eyelashes. Here is a pic of my lashes after I had applied the “it’s a long story” Arbonne mascara.

I am going to do a full blog post on this company, about its products and of course blog posts on all of the other products I received.

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Eden Semilia essential oils review

Hey there my wonderful people.  I know that my posts have been few and far between for the last few weeks but that’s me back on the blogging wagon and I am back with loads of things to share, review and also I have some great christmas discounts and offers to let you all know about.

But first I have to share my new fad…….. Essential oils!!!  Yep Eden Semilia have an amazing range of oils that you can get your hands on via Ebay.  They come in a variety of scents and all come in a beautiful black leather carry case.  These oils and very versatile and can be used for a variety of things.

I used the lavender oil in my kids bubble bath, they also loved the smell of the sweet orange so I also put a little drop of that in their bath as well.  The aroma was amazing and it left my children gently drifting off to the land of nod in no time.

The Frankincense and sandalwood I used to massage my very overly worked husband painful back and that also left him gently drifting off to sleep.

Another thing I used them for was to scent my home!!! Yes I used them in my oil burners, the sweet orange was my favourite.  I just placed a few drops with some water in my oil burner and within no time my home smelt wonderful.  I am a bit of a candle/ scent bar/oil burner mad girl and I love nothing more than a clean, wonderfully smelling home and these worked amazingly.

These oils would make amazing little stocking fillers.  They would also be ideal to used in a foot spa, as a present along with an oil burner, as massage oils (what they are originally used for)  the uses for these little oils is endless.

To check them out follow the link below.  There are many different bundles you can buy as well as be able to buy them as singles.  When you purchase a pack of these little beauties they come in a very attractive leather carry case.  They honestly would make the perfect little christmas gift either on their own in the carry case or maybe as singles along side an oil burner or foot spa. Prices start at £2.99 each or £7.50 in a set of four with the carry case, great value for money!!

Check them out here Eden Semilia – essential oils