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My first make up tutorial!!


Hello and welcome my beautiful people. I have been asked loads of times if I would post a make up tutorial of my everyday make up.  Mums at the nursery or people that I meet are always commenting on how nice my make up is and what products I use.  Also some people seen completely stumped as to how I get it done with two young kids and the truth is with great difficulty.  As you will see in the vid which features my daughter, my dog and my partner, in fact the tutorial had to be done in two parts as muy partner came in and decided to ruin it, so instead of being clever and pressing record I pressed stop!!!

My family are so completely incompetent without me that you hear them asking me various questions throughout the video.

My dog also eats my make up brush!!!

I also would like to show that you do not have to have break the bank products in order to look and feel pretty and confident.  All of the brushes and products I use are all £10 and under.  Most of the items are bought from ebay, if you like the look of the brushes click here if you like the look of the brushes, this link will take you to a past post and review that I did about these brushes.  My ebay bargains!!!

I would also just like to state that I am in no way a professional camera woman, I am no way an expert in make up, and I am nit a make up artist, this is just how I do it, and what works best for my ever aging skin.

I enjoyed making it so I hope that comes across and you enjoy watching.

PS. Sorry about the rough Scottish accent, but that’s just who I am.

Much love

Click Here to be taken to my first make up tutorial


Technic Ultimate Brow Kit – Review

Where to get it and How much

I had heard a lot about this Brow Kit and so I decided to grab myself on. I managed to bag myself one for only £2.95 with free P&P from Ebay. Click the link to be taken to get your own or you may want to wait until you have read the whole review. document.write(‘get your here‘);<noscript><a target="_blank" href="">get your here</a><img style="text-decoration:none;border:0;padding:0;margin:0;" src=""></noscript>&#8221; target=”_blank”>get yours here

Product Description

Its a nice size and has a little mirror which I find extremely handy when I feel like my eyebrows are needing a little touch up.  And like I said its the perfect size for any handbag.  It also comes with two small brushes and a small pair of tweezers.  The tweezers are okay and are good for just grabbing the odd out of place eyebrow but for a full pluck I wouldn’t recommend them, they are very small so are difficult to work with, there is hardly any slant on them so it is also difficult to grab any small hairs that may need taken care of.  The brushes are also extremely small and difficult to work with and to be honest are not much use at all.  I personally use my own brush the application of this product. You can see the size comparison in the image below just so you can get an understanding of just how fiddly it is to try and work with such small brushes.

20160722_164439Inside there are three shades of brown eyebrow powder, light brown,  medium brown and dark brown, there is also eye brow wax as well.  I really like the colour selection in this little palette, even though I am blonde I can easily wear any of the shades, although I wouldn’t wear the dark brown as an everyday look and therefore obviously wear the lightest colour for a more natural look, but for a full face of make up  the dark brown gives the definition I like.  The wax is also a nice little extra that you do not get in every eyebrow kit.

Application steps:

Step one – Groom your brows, firstly you wouldn’t straighten your hair and style it for a big night out without firstly washing it so why is there any difference when it comes to eyebrows, give your eyebrow a brush with an eyebrow brush, the best thing to do is to brush them upwards,

Step 2 – Pluck any stragglers, once you have brushed all of your brows upwards have a look underneath and pluck any hairs that are hanging down and any smaller ones that grow just along the brow bone, the best place for brows to be is just on or very slightly above the eyebrow bone so if there is a lot of hairs on or below there pluck them away. Do not go pluck crazy on the top of the eyebrows as this takes away their natural shape.

Step 3 – apply a little wax, after you have groomed and tidied your brows apply a little wax, do not smother your brows in wax as your brows will look shiny, greasy and fake, a little goes a long way here, why?? Well wax makes your powder stay on longer and is useful for tidying up your brows before applying the powder.

Step 4 – choose your colour and start applying nearest the nose and work outward towards the temples, I find that starting at the top of the eyebrows and use short strokes. Everyone has their own style of how they like their eyebrows and personally I like my eyebrows to get a little thinner as I make my way outwards, the nearer the temples the thinner I like them.20160722_164657

My Findings

I really like this product, the only thing that lets it down are the little extras such as the brushes and tweezers.  Although they are thoughtful little extras and look super cute they do not do the product any favours, they do not work what-so-ever.

As long as you have your own, full sized, eyebrow brush in order to apply the product then you are on to a winner.

Click the link to get yours document.write(‘get your here‘);<noscript><a target="_blank" href="">get your here</a><img style="text-decoration:none;border:0;padding:0;margin:0;" src=""></noscript>&#8221; target=”_blank”>Get It Here

Top five best beauty procucts of 2016 so far!!!!

Good evening, and I hope that you are all well. I don’t know about you guys but sometimes when choosing something I really want can be made very difficult when faced with the huge variety of products that are available nowadays. for example the other day I want in to my local superdrug for a new foundation.  I had in mind which foundation I wanted, now I had enough money to treat myself so I decided that I was wanting to grab myself Maybeylline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in Ivory.  I had seen this foundation on a video on youtube and it looked really really good.  It gave a light coverage which is what I was needing as I have a few heavy full coverage foundations but nothing for those more is less kind of days, and now the minimal, natural look is so trendy I thought it was time I gave my make-up bag an update.  But on entering the store I saw the huge amount of foundations that were available, I kind of got side tracked from what I actually needed and started thinking that maybe I should get some other kind of foundation, or maybe this one, or maybe this one is better, oh but this one is on offer (even though its not anything like the product I actually need).  So to help prevent this happening to any of you guys, or to at least give you a little guidance when it comes to selecting those must have beauty items I have created my top five beauty products of 2016 (so far).  I have some links to these items so to save you walking around the aisles in a neon daze looking for latest items, just hit a link and you will be taken directly to the offer, and may I add the best offer available at he moment.

  1. Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara, Gives soft healthy looking lashes that can with stand a little watery eyed sneeze to the complete boyfriend cheated on me water works, and only  £7.20 from beautyspin.  Although you can find it cheaper on ebay by the time you pay post and packaging it works out cheapest overall from beautyspin so click now and Get yours here
  2. NYX Full throttle shadow sticks, I love these, they are fool proof, and if you love a shot of electric colour on a night out or festivals then you will love this too only £6.50 From, or grab yourself a little steal, NYX Expert Last lipstick in a variety of colours from only £1.53 click the link to be taken direct to the offer Get yours here
  3. TRESemme’ Beauty Full Volume Hair Maximiser,Rub a small amount of this from roots to tip before drying with a round brush for hair that looks fuller and bouncier but with no tacky feeling, big hair is very on pint at the moment so this little beauty is a must have at the moment get yours for only £5 now by clicking the link get it now
  4. Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Highlighting Kit,one of the best highlighting kits I have used, Miss Moss has out done herself, its available in golden sands or coral glow, you  can find a lot of deals on this item but this is the absaloute best I have come across ebay are selling it on buy now with free P&P for only £5.99 when its £8.99 almost every where elseclick the link to get this steal Best Deal Here
  5. Revlon Colourstay Liquid Pen, get the best tight line of all time with this pen, you can get a perfectly lined eye evrytime, even if its a feline flick or the on point wing anything is possible with this new product click the link to get taken directly to the offer for these pens Get the best deal here

And there you have it, those are my top five of 2016 so far I have done my best to bring the best possible deal to you, I hope it saves you a lot of time, I know it would have done me a favour had I had this list when staring at product after product getting side tracked from what I actually need.



Get your handbags here!!!

I am just like any other girl on the planet and am totally obsessed with handbags, with all of the choice that is out there today I have managed to whittle my fave shop for great deals on beautiful handbags down to just one!!!! (trust me it wasn’t easy) And I have managed to give a preview of my total fave handbag at a great price down to also just one!!!

You will not find another hand bag store with such amazing variety and value for money anywhere on the web, the store I am talking about is Wholesale Designer Handbag Directory. It is absolutely out of this world for value and quality. I like to call items like this affordable quality pieces. Just click on the link below and you will be taken direct to their website, seriously ladies you must have a look.

Click Here!

And my total fave handbag at the moment (at a great price) has to be a great little steal from ebay. I love love love the colour of this little find and the style suits me right down to the ground. There are many bags of this style out there right now, but there are none at this price, I seriously think that there will be no handbag that looks like this at this amazing price found anywhere on the web. (After the research I have done there better not be lol)
Just follow the link below to get your hands on yours:

Pastel crossbody satchel £0.01 plus £2.42 Delivery!!!! Total Bargain

ebay pastel hb

And if plain coloured bags are’nt your thing and would prefer something a bit more pretty then check out this other little fashion find, just click the link below and you will be able to snap up your own butterfly crossbody satchel for only £3.69 with P&P. Also available on ebay.

butterfly hb

My ebay bargains!!!



A Late Night Being up With My Sick Son Lead To An Ebay Haul Full Of Bargains!!!

Hello there my wonderful people, I have not posted on my blog for such a long time.  And within that time I have had a new addiction……buying stuff off eBay for pennies.  I have also bought several Bourjois items that I am totally loving at the moment but more about them after I let you all in on my new fixation.

One night when I was awake with my son as he could not sleep, I was just browsing on eBay and found some amazing bargains, click the link to be taken to ebays daily deals to grab yourself a bargain Grab your ebay bargain

document.write(‘Grab your bargain here‘);<noscript><a target=”_blank” href=””>Grab your bargain here</a><img style=”text-decoration:none;border:0;padding:0;margin:0;” src=””></noscript>&#8221; target=”_blank”>Grab your ebay bargain here

I managed to get a sample of benefits high beam highlighter for only £1.39, a 10 piece brush set for £2.60, a  beauty blender for only 13p!!,tooth whitening kit for £2.16,three colour concealer kit £1.59,26 samples of hair care, face care, and foundation products for 99p+2.80 for del, earings 99p, earcuff £1.09,fake bake bronzy babe £2.99,tanning mitt £1.85,gel eyeliner with brush 99p,technic ultimate brow kit 3.29,opi mini treatment collection £1.95.

I haven’t received all of these items yet and as soon as I have I will let you all know what the overall thoughts are on each item.

Its good to be able to treat yourself to little things once in a while and everything doesn’t have to be high-end all the time.  Lets face it if I don not like a certain item its not like its cost the earth is it??

I will enjoy using the 26 samples item especially as it will give me the chance to try out products that I wouldn’t buy in the shops and let me see for myself weather I like them or not instead of reading reviews, or asking friends for opinions.

So why don’t you get yourself over to eBay and check out some of these bargains for yourself. Just type in make-up samples and you will be surprised at what you find!!

Stay tuned to my blog for my next post all about my bourjois favs!!

At the moment I can only really recommend the 10m piece brush set as I have not recieved all of the items but there will be a part two to this post so there will be links to all of the above items on my follow up post or just click the link at the top of this post to be taken to the ebay homepage and just make a search for each item.  To get your make up brushes which I would highly recommend they are really really good, they have no bristle fall out which is good as I find I get that a lot with cheaper make up brushes, there is a good variety, and te eyebrow brushes are awesome, they are angled well and are just the perfect size not to big so not to give you the joe 90 lool, lol. I would recommend them to any one just click the link below to grab your own set of must have make up brushes document.write(‘Get your brushes here‘);<noscript><a target=”_blank” href=””>Get your brushes here</a><img style=”text-decoration:none;border:0;padding:0;margin:0;” src=””></noscript>&#8221; target=”_blank”>Grab your bargain brushes here