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Polyvore sets up date!!



My sets via Polyvore.

Hey, here is the total collection of sets from Polyvore, I have had an amazing and very unexpected response from using Polyvore and want to use it more.


What can I expect from your outfits/sets?

I will be doing post’s on single set’s as well as doing an update of the entire collection of sets every 2 to 3 months.

You can find set’s for everything, if you like an item all you do is click on it and you will be taken directly to the retailer.  I do not get anything for you clicking on the link, there is no pay per click or I am not affiliated with the company.  I like community spirit so all I get from you using Polyvore via this blog, or my sets is the amazing feeling of belonging I get knowing there is people out there that are interested in the same things I am.  That may seem a little deep but its true!!  If you want to check Polyvore out click on the link to have a look, I personally really enjoy it, you can be creative, design your own living space, create your own outfits or even beauty looks, it a great place to go for shopping too, just have a look around the sets which by the way are amazing, if you see something you like click on it, or even if you see an entire outfit!! Anni’s Lucky Boutique/Polyvore click here babe!


My sets/outfits and beauty picks so far!!

Remember I am a Polyvore Fledgling!! I am still getting to know the site but so far so good, I love it!!


Why I love Lylia Rose

A bit about Lylia Rose

As a person Lylia Rose is a mum of two (like myself, I think that is why I feel so much love for this site as I feel like we have common ground) she has a vegetarian husband which she tries to support in his vegetarian eating ways but loves her treat nights. So she is pretty much down to earth, just like the rest of us, kind of gal. That was a personal description now for the professional description, Lylia Rose is a lifestyle blog and fashion boutique. There is a variety of lovely dresses, jewellery, handbags and more. Not only does it offer beautiful items of clothing and small items for the home but you will also find lots of tips for blogging newbies. There is a variety of competitions that are also a way of new bloggers to get one of their blog post’s featured and also you can win some cash.

She Loves To Help

There are a few categories on the blog which in my opinion is aimed to help fellow bloggers. People just like me who are just starting out and who don’t really know where to go next with their blog. There is also a UK Small Business Ads section and this section is not full of ads promoting anything of her own, it is a section devoted to advertising information about small businesses in the UK. This is amazing to see someone help home grown businesses and to see someone help fellow bloggers like myself. There is a Twitter tips and promo section letting you in on some ways to get more re-tweets or follows. One of which is free and all you need to do is add a simple hashtag.

What about the boutique??

Oh Yeah!! I have went on so much about the many ways that Lylia Rose helps people like myself, who have a love for blogging and small businesses, that I have only slightly covered the amazing boutique that you will find when you visit the Lylia Rose blog. It offers beautiful women’s clothes such as this lovely dress  I have my eye on.

Click here to see the dress

It is lace and comes in a variety of sizes, from 6 up to 18. I am a petite girl so I am happy when I see somewhere that stocks a size 6. When shopping on some sites and I have to say that catalogues are the worst for starting at a size 8, then its off to the children’s section for me!!

Not only is there beautiful dresses but another of a girls best friend and something that they do beautifully is the handbags, this is another little beauty that I have my eye on from the boutique .


Visit the boutique to have a look an the collection of lovely, unique scarfs that are available also.

Click here to be taken to the site to check out for yourself exactly what they offer.


This is an amazing unique site that offers an array of services. To take full advantage and get a total understanding of what Lylia Rose is all about then you really have to visit the site for yourself. I personally love the feel of the whole site, from the writing style that is used when describing family life, to the items that are sold in the boutique, and then of course you have all of the offerings to help UK based businesses and small time bloggers. Get yourself over there now and have a look for yourself.


Ooooush amazing celeb inspired clothes at amazing value prices!!

A Little Bit About Ooooush

Ooooush describe themselves as being created with one very simple objective in mind that is amazing clothes at amazing prices. The company has formed strong bonds with manufacturers in Italy, Europe, and the rest of the world which allows customers to have a look at their celebrity inspired designs before anyone else. They strive to bring the latest trends and celeb inspired styles whilst ensuring the very best value for money.

What Makes Them Different??

Well that question is very easy for me to answer. The only thing that makes this company different from the likes of misguided, asos and pretty little thing (to whom they are constantly being compared to, as their clothing and style are similar) is their prices. The styles that are available are extremely on trend. Up to the minute styles at very cheap prices. you can see why this company is growing in popularity. You see more and more positive company reviews which are all raving about oooosh and their amazing value for money.

Take A Look At What They Have Here

If so far you like the sound of this company and fancy checking out this online store then click the image to be taken directly to their site Shop dresses at Ooooush

So What Do They Have For Me In The Sale??

They have some amazing offers in their sale. Here I have selected some of the most on trend, popular key piece’s for this season:

This dress I have actually ordered myself for a wedding I am attending this month, modeled by the beautiful Michelle Keegan, click here to be taken direct to this offer now only £12.99 Beautiful Briony Dress Click here

Next up is this lovely little lace skater dress priced at only £16,99 click here to get your Lace Skater Dress – Lola click here

One last item I am going to recommend from the sale (then I am going to highlight a few items that are not in the sale but are still great value for money items ) This is a red lips print body con dress called candy. Ideal for a night out, team with a trendy black hat for the ultimate trend alert Red Lips Print Dress – Candy only £11.99 click here

What Other Items Do They Have Other Than Sale Items??

Here are some other items that are not yet in the sale but could well end up in there, At these prices you would think that they are set at sale prices but they aren’t. Here is my selection of just some of the best stuff on their site:

The High Neck Jersey Top Inspired by Kylie Jenner, priced at only £4.99!!! This is an item that every girl should have in their wardrobe right now Kylie Jenner Inspired top click here

Micheele Keegan Inspired Black Wet Look Leggings only £7.99 Black Wet Look Leggings click here

Wine Ribbed Knitted Body Con Dress only £12.99 This is a stunning dress Beautiful Wine ribbed knitted body con dress available in a variety of colours

Kimberley Garner and Ellie Goulding have both been papped out in these awesome leggings and for only £7.99 you too can join the fashion elite Gingham Leggings click here

Other Available Promotions

That isn’t all. If you order over £25 you will receive free delivery, and if you sign up now you will receive 15% off your first offer, so go on grab yourself a celeb inspired bargain now…

Amazing Light In The Box Flash Sale


I have just been on the light in the box page and they currently have an amazing online cheap flash sale on at the moment, there are 80% off sales on beautiful handbags as well as, 80% off on men and women’s Nike free your run trainers and many more. They pretty much have some kind of percentage off sale on almost every category available.If you are shop savvy and have a real good look around the site you will be able to grab yourself a few goodies at amazing prices.
I have a list of some great bargains with links:

28 pc teeth whitening strips only £6.99 – I have actually used these strips and they are amazing.  They have a non-slip technology which keeps them tightly in place.  You just place them over your teeth, keep them on for the specified amount of time then remove.  On removal you will feel a sticky residue, you just brush off the residue to reveal teeth that are visibly whiter.



Anastacia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Reduced From £18.19 to only £9.79!! – You really need to grab this little beauty of a bargain while you can. It also comes with a fashion brush for more even application. Anastacia Beverley Hills make up products are becoming ever more popular and at this price how can you not pick one up, it gives skin the most beautiful glow, but you don’t have to take my word for it, there are amazing reviews all over the internet about this product.


Urban Decay Dupe 12 Colour Eye shadow Palette, Moodstruck Dupe 3D Fibre Lash Mascara Set And Water Proof Liquid Eyeliner Package – Now this is not the actual  heading for this, on the website it goes “12 Colours Professional Urban Decay Eye shadow Palette & Black Waterproof Eyelash Mascara Set & x2 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner” Although I am not 100% sure that it is actual Urban Decay or if it is a Dupe, also the pictures of the mascara set are photos of Youniques  Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lash Mascara, of which I am not to sure would be the actual that would actually arrive when you purchase this, even though they may or may not be the real thing, and even if they are dupes (good looking dupes at that) this is a total steal at only £9.79 reduced from £15.39. If you are looking for a bargain bulk buy then this is ideal.  Another thing I like to do with package items like this are use them as gifts.  Get a nice make up bag, put these items in it and gift it to a niece, or younger sister and I am sure they would be pleased.

Lace Long Sleeved Dress – Various Colours – This is a total stunner of a dress, its a long sleeved mini, with lace sleeves and lace covering the body, this would be perfect if you were attending a wedding as a guest (obviously not the bride!!lol) Make it your for only £12.59. Its available in royal blue, fuchsia, or salmon, I like the salmon, the pastel pink colour is very flattering.

Womens Diamonte White Gold Dial Watch – This is a lovely little watch, it has diamonte’s for that little bit of bling that us girls like our watches to have.  This one is priced at only £7.69 from £10.49, there are loads of watches, some even cheaper than this one, there are various sizes colours and styles, I am sure that everyone would find something that suits their taste.


Ladies High Heeled Flower Ankle Boot – Reduced from £107 to £31.49, I absoluteys love these, how good would these look with a pair of skinny jeans and plain white t – shirt, you would be a Complete style icon in these.

There are many other categories to choose from as well as plenty of sales in almost every category.  I would recommend checking out the men Nike Run Free Trainers 80% sale.  We all know how expensive mens trainers can be just because of the simple fact that mens feet are usually bigger than women’s so therefore cost more, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Get yourself rigged out today and head there now!!


This is obviously a blog post that was written a while ago.  As of the date that this was written all of the offers above were correct as were any promotion’s.  Please take a look at their website you will find a link above to the site and take a look at the current deals and offers available, one thing that hasn’t changed is the awesome deals, there are amazing deals available right now, so go on check it out.


Up dated on the 28th Feb 2018