Friday night naughtiness with the gals!!

Friday night naughtiness with the gals!!

Tome flounce blouse
£635 –

Sans Souci blue denim jeans
£32 –

Gianvito Rossi high heel bootie
£1,010 –

Chanel tote bag
£4,435 –

Oscar de la renta earrings
£335 –

Macrame jewelry
£1.01 –

Tech accessory
£25 –

Set of brush
£18 –

Palette makeup

Lip treatment

Miss Selfridge detangling hair brush
£17 –


coffee with the girls

coffee with the girls


Kenzo long sleeve top
£245 –

Ugg shoes
£130 –

White hat
£195 –

Top 5 ways to get the kids to eat healthier


Hey, there today I am writing a post on the one thing that I always find myself talking about with the other mothers I bump in to daily.  The fussy eater’s in our lives are driving us mad.  I have tried everything to get my son to be as adventurous as his sister when it comes to food but its just not happening to me.  They are very different people anyway, but I sometimes wonder what has caused this fussiness in my son as he was brought up with the exact same rules, schedule, routine as his sister but he is the total opposite when it comes to food.  Although I have found that he will be much more open to trying new things at his nursery, he recently started a full day session at nursery every Thursday and on his first day it was pork casserole for lunch and much to my disbelief he actually ate it. Now, normally it would be a hissy fit, even if I just placed it down, he would not even try it if I gave him something like that at home, so I don’t know if it’s because he sees his friends eating different foods, or what but he definitely seems more open to trying new things when he is out of his usual surroundings, like, at home.  But, I cannot be, at his nursery at every meal time!!  So, here are a few tips that have helped me along the way, and, I hope they help you with your kid(s) too.


  • 1. Hide what you can– This is a tip that even my mother admits doing with me and my younger brother when we were kids.  She would grate up onion to put in dishes such as spaghetti bolognese, soup or mince, as I decided I did not like onions.  The funny thing was, even though the taste had not changed, what-so-ever, the onion taste was still there, but, because I did not see it, I really honestly thought that all my dinner’s had no onion in them.  More fool little me!  I have adopted this trick for my own two kids, and it turns out this works with pretty much everything, I grate up carrots, swede, and onion as these are the veg that I use a lot but my children (think)they do not like, so, go on and give it a go and see if they can tell the difference.  If they can still tell then move on to tip number two.
  • 2. Get them involved– I love this little tip.  If your child can taste what you are trying to hide in their meals then invite them to create quick healthy alternative’s, I find that making healthy puddings works best, my daughter and I have a favourite pudding which is delicious easy but she loves it and it gets a portion of fruit into her.  We love to cover strawberries in chocolate, yep, it’s that simple, there are loads of things to try with your kids that are fun, easy and simple but still rewardingly healthy such as banana men.  This is something that my son and I do and its pretty much just creating a little man out of part of a banana, raisins or chocolate drops. You can be as creative as you and your little ones like.  For some inspiration check out my Pinterest board which is full to the brim with little suggestions,  you can even stay within the season with home-made healthy lollipops for those summer days, or create beautiful Christmassy treats.  Click here to check out the board.
  • 3. Replace meal time favourites with healthier options – My son absolutely loves chips, if he will not eat anything, like, those days where your child is just being incredibly fussy, the one thing I am 100% sure that he will eat is chips, so I switched it up and used sweet potatoes instead of normal potatoes.  And instead of the normal tomato ketchup, I looked online and found an amazing recipe for a home-made ketchup that was specifically for sweet potatoes.  They looked the same, but, tasted better and was much more healthy.  Now when I serve up normal chips he asks for the good chips. If your kiddie is a pizza monster then instead of buying ones from the shop why not make your own, they are so easy to make you can make your own base out of only a few ingredients (check out the board for ingredients) or you can buy a base, or you can use good old puff pastry for a puffier alternative.  Add anything your child will like and get them to join in. A way to curb boredom by them joining in and a healthier option for the whole family. Total Mummy win!!!!
  • 4. Make smoothies– If your child is the type that just cannot and will not put a piece of fruit near their mouth then this tip truly is your saviour.  I guess I am lucky as my two kids both really love fruit.  They will eat almost any type of fruit and most of the time they would prefer fruit to chocolate or crisps (most of the time not all of the time, they are kids) but I do know more than a few parents who have torn their hair out when it comes to trying to get their little bundle of joy to eat fruit, until, they got wind of this tip that is.  If you do not have a blender then you have to get yourself one, honestly, you will use it all the time and wonder why you didn’t always have one.  You can add anything to a smoothie and you can get some beautiful recipes, not only for children but for adults too, via my Pinterest board.  On hot days you can add ice cubes or a little ice cream, kale is a great addition if you are making one for yourself and if you can get your little one to have some kale then that is a total achievement.  You will be so surprised by just how sweet a smoothie can taste with just a bit of banana or strawberries added in beside almost anything, beetroot, carrots, you name it.  A great way to get your, and your little ones five a day in the one go!!
  • 5. Do not give in – No matter what you try, remember, persistence pays off.  I know that all kids are different and some things will work for some while all of these tips just will not work at all with others.  I know just how fussy kids can be.  Although my kids are good at eating fruit, my daughter was a nightmare when she was smaller, she is seven now, but when she was about 18 months old she would not eat anything apart from baby food, I even tried her with soup and blending down proper food but she just would not eat it, I still do not know what it was about the baby food that she liked so much, maybe it was nothing, I asked the health visitor what she thought about it at the time and she explained that sometimes it can be a form of control, its a child’s way of trying to control the situation, “even at such a young age??” I asked, and the reply was a short sharp “course, her brain is like a sponge” and that was that.  I just had to persevere and persist on giving her the exact same meals as we were having, until one day, she was in her high chair, we were having sausage, chips and beans (I know, very fancy, I am a normal everyday mum, I don’t own my own herb garden, I am just like you) and she leaned over, picked up one of the sausages and started to nibble away.  To which I was over the moon and was able to breathe a sigh of relief.  This is just an example to let you see that no one’s kids are perfect, even though there are parents who would like to think their kid is more superior than yours there will always, always be different stages and milestones that one child will reach quicker and better than another, that’s just the way it is.  Just because your child has a hard time dealing with the consistency or texture of fruit and veg, or if they are just trying to take back a little control, its normal, so stop worrying, who cares what the other parents say, we should be helping and supporting each other rather than judging and belittling, hang on in there, try what you can and I promise you, that breakthrough is just around the corner.


I hope that these little tips help at least one person out there.  I do this because I love writing and I have a passion to help others where I had no help.  I wish there was someone I could talk to, judgement free, when I was a first-time mum, so that’s what I am trying to do.  Either way, I love writing, I love life, and I love people.


Live, love, slay.




How-to simple cut crease

Hey,  guys today I am going to show you step by step how to get that ever sought after look of the moment. And believe it or not, it’s actually not that complicated. I am going to show you the easy basic version. Once you have mastered this you can add, and master beautifully blended lines and different colours to take it as extreme as you like. Here is a pic of the finished look.

First things first as always prime your eyelids with an EYE primer. No, you can’t just use your face primer, your eyelids are much more oily than your face and eye primer is much more capable of dealing with this as that’s what it’s built to do. Once you have your eye nicely primed grab a beige or ivory colour and sweep over the entire eye although do make sure you stop around 1cm before the brow. Then take a little brown shade and apply at the outer crease with a blending brush, add a little more product and build up that colour. Once you are happy with the colour of your crease. Here comes the only tricky part!! Take a light concealer, I like to use No 7 instant radiance concealer for this, it has a brush which makes the application a lot easier. However, I have done a cut crease using a different concealer and apply the concealer to a small fine lip brush. Once you have chosen your application method, take your brush with concealer on it and draw a line right in the centre of your crease, all the way along from inner eye to outer eye. Take as much time with this as you can perfect your line, the more of a sharp line you create the much more of a stunning visual will be created. Make sure you sweep your brush along the lid with very little concealer on it at the end just to make sure the entire lid is covered. Now for the fun but. Take an amazing colour, I like a pale pink or a deep purple but you can use any kick-ass colour you like. ( top tip – remember opposites really do attract when it comes to colour get yourself a colour wheel, google it, then have a look at where your eye colour is and whatever colour is opposite it is a great colour for you to choose for this) Apply your kick ass colour over the concealer, take a blending brush and blend the colours at the outer edge. Finish with black eyeliner and lashings of mascara. Don’t forget to do your brows, and highlighter for full effect.



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Trying to build my professional make up kit – Where to start??

As some of you may or may not know I am trying my best to pursue my passion which is makeup and making people feel good and turn it into a career.  I recently did a blog post about enrolling with QC Makeup academy.  I am now no longer enrolled with QC makeup academy as I am now going to attend my local college instead. There are a few pros about taking this route instead of enrolling with QC makeup academy and then there are also some cons, such as enrolling with QC makeup academy I would have had my starter kit by now, I am not 100% sure if I will be supplied with a makeup kit with the course I am doing at college.  To be honest, I very much doubt it as in Scotland in order to go on to do the makeup artistry course I have to complete the NVQ beauty therapy course to  achieve the entry requirements, this course is a 1-year course, so I will not get any makeup starter kit until I am actually enrolled in the makeup artistry course.  One of the pros about going to college is that it is far cheaper, and I will get much more practical experience.  I am a mother of two young kids so the fact that I will not be forking out £60 per month for a makeup course will make a big difference to me and my children

What I have been doing to achieve my dream!!!

Although I have to do a year of beauty therapy before I can jump right into makeup artistry, I have been researching everything there is to know about the makeup artistry business and what it takes to succeed in this industry.  I have read book after book about the business side of things, about different techniques, about different ingredients, formulas, I have business plans, 5 years plan, and a ten-year plan.  I have also been reaching out to local established professional makeup artists asking if they were in need of an assistant for the day.  After contacting about ten makeup artists I eventually got word back from Lynne Mills, the owner of eye-candy.  Lynne is a well established professional makeup artist who has had her work featured in vogue, cosmopolitan and also did the makeup for Ronan Keatings nuptials.  As you can imagine I was elated when she contacted me, she invited me to assist at one of her makeup masterclasses.  I will be assisting the professional makeup artist with things like setting up, cleaning brushes etc.  Obviously, this is unpaid but the experience I will gain is priceless.  Opportunities like this do not come along often, so I have been cleaning up on basic techniques just in case I am asked to anything during the masterclass, I do not want to be caught out. I have a good while to prepare as the next lot of masterclasses do not start until the 11th of March which suits me fine as it gives me plenty of time to prepare myself.  I have also taken to cliptomize which in an online scrapbook where I am keeping snippets and photos of any looks that inspire me as well as any color schemes, formulas to try, face charts.  Although having an online scrapbook is great I am going to invest in a good scrapbook that I can hold in my hand, I prefer having a notebook to having everything on my computer.  In my spare time all I do is read up on the makeup artistry business, and take notes.

Building my kit!HELP

So now that I am getting into the swing of things my attention has now turned to my kit and where to start with it all.  I realize that most blog posts tell you what to put in your kit, where this blog post is more asking for help or advice than anything.  I have no clue as to where to start.  I do not know whether just to build it product by product on my own or to purchase a pre-assembled one, I also do not know which brands are good and which ones would get you laughed out of the studio.  I have spent at least the last month looking over makeup starter kits and to be honest I have just totally bamboozled myself.  One brand that has caught my eye is Shany, they have a great value kit that consists of everything that you would need when just starting out.  Of course, I would add to this kit as I go along.  Another brand that I have come across that looks really good is Mehron and RCMA but I have not managed to find any pre-assembled kits made by either of these companies.  I have had a really good look on amazon and eBay but the things is, because I am not aware of which brands to steer clear of I do not know if I am getting quality as well as value for money.

Please comment below, I really need some guidance.

So I know that this is a little unorthodox as most blog posts tell you how to do thigs and are normally full of information for you guys, but this time I am asking for a little help.  Like I have just mentioned there are lots of blog posts on how to make a starter kit but every post I have read is very6 different to the next, what is said to be a great make in one blog post is the one to steer clear of in another.  So I thought if I could get some response on this and take the most recommended products, or starter kit or even the ones to stay well away from and start from there.  Is Shany a good brand, does Mehron do starter kits??

Starter Kits with payment plans

This is also a subject that I can do with a little guidance on.  I have scoured the internet looking for proper professional kits that I could maybe pay up.  I know that there a few options available such as QVC easy pay, Beautylish offer a payment plan on their products, but I was wondering if there was a professional makeup artist out there that could point me in the right direction.  There may not be such a thing as a good quality starter kit that is available with a payment plan but if there is one out there then this is sure fire way to find out about it.  When I was contacting all of those professional makeup artists in the hopes that I would be able to be their assistant for the day, I never thought that anopportunityy like the one I have would present itself but it did, so hopefully this request will have a similar outcome.  My mum used to always say “if you dont ask you will never know”.



Thanks Annmarie


Delving into the world of make up artistry with QC make up academy

Here is a little bit about me and why I have decided to take those vital steps and enrol in the QC Make up academies make up artistry course and why the traditional approach did not fit my needs.

Why not college??

Hey there everyone.  I have been interested in taking the first steps to becoming a make up artist for a really long time and so I applied to college.  I was accepted but due to my son having to do an extra year at nursery I am unable to attend this year.  I was totally gutted but I knew that sacrifice’s would have to be made when I became a mother.

So I started looking online, initially I was searching for books or tutorials on how to become a make up artist in order to gain as much information as possible before re-applying to college next year.

That’s when I stumbled upon a make up academy that sounded to good to be true.

About QC Make Up Academy, and why its right for me.

The one thing that firstly attracted my attention to this academy was the fact that they had payment plans in place.  As a mother of two young kids, I do not have the funds to pay for the course in full.  The course costs £958 all in.  You have the option to pay this in a variety of ways, either, in full, monthly, Bi weekly, or weekly.  For me the best option would be to pay it weekly as these payments are obviously the lowest.  My payment plan would be as follows.  £14 per week, every Tuesday for 70 weeks with one last payment of £5.  I have not come across any other courses that offer this flexibility.

Once I had a look at the prices and saw how flexible they were I then had a look at the different types of make up artistry courses they had to offer.  They’re are two courses that I was interested in, the first one is the Make up artistry course, this is the description of the course that is given on the website ” Learn the fundamentals of makeup artistry, daytime, evening and bridal makeup. Then, learn how to start your own freelance makeup business” The other is the course that I am enrolling in and that is the Master make up artistry course, here is the description of the course given by the academy on the website “Learn everything in our Makeup Artistry course plus makeup for theatre, movies, fashion shows, and photo shoots.” Pretty much what the first course offers but with a more in depth look at make up and the business side of things.

After deciding what course I was interested in taking I then looked in to what I was getting for my money and exactly how the online learning schedule worked.  With it being an online course you can study at your own pace there are no deadlines to  meet.  You get a make up artistry starter make up kit as well as DVD’s, books and a personal tutor.  There are six personal tutor and you are paired with one who will grade your work and will talk you through any obstacles that you may find difficult along the way.

You are asked to finish an assignment by being given a look and told to re create this look on yourself, you will then take a photo that you will upload to your tutor where they will grade your work.  There is other types of assignments not all of them are going to be putting make up on yourself and taking a selfie.  There is also the option to learn how to set up your own freelance make up artistry business.  If you are not interested in taking these classes then you do not have they are completely optional.  I however will be taking these classes as I feel that they are a fundamental part of a make up artistry business being successful.

About the tutors.


If you are wondering who the tutors are then you can read all about them and their success’s on the website, here is a little bit of a description about the tutors that is on the website

Our tutors are dedicated to your success. You’ll be learning from the best in the industry! You’ll upload your assignments electronically to our Online Student Center including photos of your makeup applications. Your tutor will review your work and will send you an audio file with advice on what you are doing well and where you can improve. You’ll form a close relationship as you work together.

Each tutor has years of experience. Learn professional makeup artistry with Nathan Johnson, Azzi Williams, Michele Mulkey, Corianne Cowan or Pat Armstrong.

QC’s Fashion Styling course is taught by fashion expert Alison Stewart. The course is mentored by Katrina Lee-Jones, Mallory Sills and Nathan Johnson. The Hair Styling Essentials course is taught by styling expert Laurie Vukich. The course is tutored by Laurie and Azzi.


Is there anyone that has already taken this course??

I have done my research and have had a good look through the mountains of reviews that are out there and they all seem to be positive.  I would love to hear from someone that has done this course to get a little bit more feedback on it.  So far I love the sound of this course.  If you think that this course could be for you then click the link and you can check it out for yourself. QC make up academy – About

There is loads more information on the website.  You can see for yourself what is included within each module you will be learning and you can read the reviews there too. I would have loved to go to college this year but I really like the look of all of the benefits you get with this course, you can read more about the benefits on the website, one of which is discounted make up!!!!!!!



2017 Spring/Summer Trends

Overnight beauty hacks that will have you saying #Iwokeuplikethis

What’s better than that moment when your bra comes off, your comfy sweats come on and your head hits the pillow? Not much. But while your body is at rest getting a full eight hours, your nighttime beauty regimen should kick into full gear. Read below to discover our favourite products that work through the night.

beauty treatments

Overnight Hair Treatments

For Tangle-Free Strands: L’Oréal Paris Nourishing Leave-In Spray

Sleeping can always be a bit of a gamble for your hair—you just never know what kind of tangles you’re going to wake up with. Thankfully, there’s a product for that (our favorite phrase). This spray locks in moisture and shine while keeping your strands lightweight and tangle-free.

For Healthy, Hydrated Hair: Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Moisture Whip Leave-In

If you’re looking for a product that doesn’t just work, but smells amazing too, you’ve hit the jackpot. Using this leave-in conditioner whips your hair into shape with the power of goji berry, passion fruit and kiwi so you can run your hands through your strands all day long.

For All The Above: Redken One United All-In-One Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment

If you thought you were a fan of the hair flip before, wait until you try this. This spray boasts twenty-five benefits, ranging from hair manageability to protection. It’s safe for ombre lovers, strengthens strands for heat-addicted ladies, and takes care of everything in between while you get some Zzzs in.


Overnight Treatments for Hands, Feet, Cuticles & Lips

For Soft Hands: The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Butter

Winter can be rough on our hands in a way that no mani can cure. The solve? Nighttime hand cream. Almond Hand & Nail Butter has a sweet almond scent to go with its ultra-hydrating formula. The bonus is that it’s non-greasy, so it’s won’t leave anything on your sheets.

For Touchable Toes: The Body Shop Moisturizing Foot Cream

Even in the winter, you’re going to take your boots off at some point. And when you do, you’re not going to remember the excuses you had for not moisturizing. Use the Body Shop’s Moisturizing Foot Cream to replenish skin’s moisture barrier for ultra soft skin. Pro Tip: For intensive action, apply at bedtime, then slip on a pair of moisturizing socks and leave to work overnight.

For Soft Cuticles: essie apricot cuticle oil

When you just don’t have the time to sneak in an emergency mani, swipe on a few drop of this cuticle oil before bedtime to revitalize your nails. Containing 75% apricot kernel oil, this formula absorbs quickly to leave you with soft and nourished cuticles.

For Pillowy Lips: SkinCeuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair

Do you ever feel like all you’re doing is applying and re-applying lip balm? Sounds like you could use something a little stronger during the night. Formulated with antioxidants to fight environmental damage and hydrate lips, this potent treatment will leave your lips pillowy-soft.

Overnight Skin Care Treatments

For Long-Lasting Hydration: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque

This overnight hydrating masque is the perfect complement to the daily moisturizer you’re already using. Not only does it boost skin’s ability to absorb moisture, but the glacial proteins and desert plant leaves will have your skin feeling refreshed and supple by morning.

For Radiant Skin: The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil

These days, serums and facial oils are all the rage—but where do you begin? The simple solution is to try both at once, and that’s where this Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil comes in. Apply a few drops into the palm of your hand, pat on your face before bed, and let the good skin begin.

Calming Skin Treatment: SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque

You know that feeling of relief you get when applying aloe on a sunburn? Made with botanical extracts, a calming dipeptide, and hyaluronic acid, this masque replenishes and soothes skin, all while helping to eliminate any redness the winter wind might have brought about.

For Brighter Skin: Garnier SkinActiv Clearly Brighter Dark Spot Overnight Leave-On Peel

Some of us always wake up looking radiant. And some of us need a little more, um, help. If you’re a part of the latter crew, allow us to introduce Garnier’s overnight peel with glycolic alpha hydroxyl acid and a boost of vitamin C. The overnight peel works to help even skin tone while you sleep, so that your fantasy of waking up and walking out the door can become a reality.

For Supple, Hydrated Skin: Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa

On our list of beauty pet peeves, flakes are pretty high up there. Say goodbye to those dry patchesfor good thanks to this thermal water-infused, nighttime mask by Vichy, specifically formulated to hydrate skin while you grab some shut eye.

Have you tried any overnight beauty treatments? Let us know your experience in the comments!

Your guide to the best beauty buys this cyber Monday

Your Guide to the Best Beauty Buys this Cyber Monday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Time for some serious beauty discounts! With Cyber Monday just around the corner, it’s time to get your laptop, coffee, credit cards and holiday shopping list ready. Of course, these deals are only available online, so there’s no need to brave the cold or the crowds this weekend—you can be productive while staying in your post-Thanksgiving-dinner sweatpants.

To keep you focused, we curated a list of the best deals in beauty for Cyber Monday. But you’ll want to act fast because these codes will expire after the dates listed below.
Cyber Monday Beauty Deals


Who: Giorgio Armani

What’s the Deal: 20% off Private sale event that runs through Cyber Monday with code: ARMANI20

  • Receive a complimentary, full-sized Rouge Sheer D’Armani in Blood Orange, with orders of $150+.
  • Products we love:

Lip Maestro

Ecstasy Lacquer Holiday Edition

Crema Nuda

Who: Kérastase

What’s the Deal: Saturday 11/26 & Sunday 11/27 spend over $100 and receive free shipping, 15% off, and a Bonus Sample Trio.

  • Monday 11/28 spend over $100 and receive a luxurious Kérastase candle set in a clear glass vessel featuring an alluring fragrance ($50 value).

Who: YSL Beauty

What’s the Deal: From Black Friday through Cyber Monday, take 20% off all orders of $75 or more with code: PRIVATESALE2016

  • Additionally, with purchases of Black Opium, Mon Paris and L’Homme fragrances 3 oz or larger, a complimentary travel size product will be automatically added to your cart.
  • Complimentary engraving offered on all lipsticks, mascaras and select fragrances (2.3 oz or larger).

Who: Skinceuticals

What’s the Deal: Cyber week deals through Wednesday 11/30.

  • Purchase $185 in product and receive a complimentary anti-aging travel regimen ($45 value).
  • Purchase $250 in product and in addition to the above travel regimen; receive a full size cleanser (Simply Clean or Gently Clean) of your choice ($79 value).

Who: Urban Decay

What’s the Deal: Cyber week deals through Thursday 12/1.

  • Saturday 11/26: Check the makeup junkies off your gift list with 20% off sitewide.
  • Sunday 11/27: Give into your beauty compulsions and score a free travel-size All Nighter Setting Spray and De-Slick Spray ($15 value each) with a minimum purchase of $35.
  • Monday 11/28: Unleash your vices with the Full Frontal Reloaded Vice Lipstick Stash. Satisfy your longing for luscious lips with this rad case filled with five full-size lipsticks. Price: $59
  • Tuesday 11/29: Treat yourself on Tuesday to any Urban Decay lipstick and take home an Ozone Primer Lip Pencil ($18 value).
  • Wednesday 11/20: We know you’re already obsessed with the Eyeshadow Primer Potion, but on 11/30 only you can order the Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($24 value) and OG Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($20 value) for $8.
  • Thursday 12/1: Take a beauty risk and receive an iridescent custom bag exploding with 10 Deluxe Samples with any purchase of $35 or more. With us, the risk is always worth the reward.

Who: La Roche-Posay

What’s the Deal: Get 30% off ALL orders (excluding Effaclar Kit, Effaclar Towelettes, and the 100ml Micellar Water) with promo code CYBER from Sunday 11/27 to Tuesday 11/29!

Who: Clarisonic

What’s the Deal: Saturday 11/26 & Sunday 11/27 receive 20% off all devices plus free engraving with the promo code: CYBERWKND

  • Monday 11/28 & Tuesday 11/29 receive 25% off all devices plus free engraving with the promo code: CYBERMON


Who: DESSANGE Professional Hair Luxury

What’s the Deal: Sunday 11/27–Saturday 12/3 buy one, get one 50% on all DESSANGE Professional Hair Luxury products available at Target and


What deals have you found that are worth sharing? Comment below so fellow beauty junkies can enjoy

Arbonne award winning mascara review

Hello beautiful people. Today I am reviewing a mascara that I was kindly sent to review. The very beautiful Emma Bundy contacted me via Facebook and had read my blog. She asked if I would review a couple of items and I excitedly accepted. Emma is a rep for Arbonne, a make up company who pride themselves on using the best and most natural ingredients in their make up. A little more about Emma and the company later but right now let’s get down to their products.

The Items I was sent were a hand cream, a primer and an award winning mascara.

I have tried all three items but have decided to give my finding in three Separate blog posts.

I love mascara and it’s the one item of make up I wear even on a no make up day. If my eyebrows and lashes are sorted then I am confident to go about my day proudly.

The mascara’s wand has comb like teeth which ensures that every last little lash has been grabbed and covered in the thick, rich black formula.

I totally see why this mascara has won an award. My lashes were instantly longer. And with a little rub of the wand on the ends of my lashes they were made much longer that even my partner (who didn’t notice when I died my hair from blonde to pink) noticed my eyelashes. Here is a pic of my lashes after I had applied the “it’s a long story” Arbonne mascara.

I am going to do a full blog post on this company, about its products and of course blog posts on all of the other products I received.

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