Make-up artists look book


These are all unique and daring.  Although each are extremely different, there is one thing that is the same throughout each photo and that is that there are no harsh lines between the transition of colours.  Although the main focus is the eyes, another thing to take note of is the eyebrows, if the eyebrows were un-groomed and undone then the outcomes of these photo’s would very different.

There are several other ways you can make eye make-up pop and that is to use the colour wheel or to do some research in to the colour theory.  Find a copy of the colour wheel and study it.  Every colour which is opposite a colour on the colour wheel will make a selected colour pop.  For example, I have green eyes, opposite green on the colour wheel is the colour red, if you were to put red eye-shadow on then this would indeed make green eyes stand out, however if you feel that red is a bit to much for an everyday look then you can choose colours that have a red undertone such as a reddish brown.  This theory applies to every colour of eye.  I have learnt lots about how to use colours by studying and reading books about colour theory.

This is going to be my look book and I will include photos that I like, dislike and try and give an explanation as to how each look has been created.  If you choose to read this then I hope it teaches you something.  However I am creating this more for personal use. I am on a personal journey to try and turn my passion for make-up and making people feel good in to a career. I live in Scotland and in order to enrol in the make-up artistry course at college I firstly have to do 2 years of beauty therapy  which I am glad of as it will give me a more in depth understanding of the skin etc, and one of the fundamental things you have to know as a make up artist is how to diagnose treat and then conceal skin conditions.  You conceal these conditions through colour correction this is where studying the theory of colour once again comes in handy.

I have been picked by Lynne Mills an established make up artist to assist at one of her make-up master-classes and I will also write about this here.  This is all about my personal journey.  It will be held at either the Dome in Edinburgh or the Corinthian in Glasgow, very prestigious establishments, this will take place on the or around the 11th of march then my college interview is the 17th of march, I hope that Lynne can write me something to take along to the interview as there are 36 people being interviewed and only 18 places!!!!

Here to the beginning!!!!


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