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What’s your lucky colour??

Hello my beauties. This is a blog post relating to a competition I am running on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. All you have to do to be entered into the competition for the chance to win a $100 Nordstrom gift card is, use your lucky colours in your makeup then post a pic via any of the accounts mentioned above with the #colourmelucky and that’s it. Links to the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to post on are at the very end of this post as are the rules to the comp.


if you have landed on this page then you are more than likely looking to find out what your lucky colours are in order to win that nordstrom gift card worth $100 aren’t you??

Well, good on you sister. There aren’t many rules to this little comp just remember and use the hastag #colourmelucky within your pic.

List of star signs and lucky colours:

Aries: Red, green, pink

Taurus: light pink, light blue, turquoise

Gemini: yellow, green, white

Cancer:silver, white, pale blue

Leo: red, yellow, orange

Virgo: peach, pastel blue, yellow

Libra: blue, rose pink, Violet

Scorpio: red, brown, grey

Saggitarius: lilac, dark purple, blue

Capricorn: white, bright pink, Violet

Aquarius:electric blue, turquoise, Violet

Pisces: purole, green, turquoise

There are many different lists of lucky colour per zodiac sign. I have researched lucky colours for over 10 years and these are the most common umongst well known, knowledgable organisations.

Have a blast with this. Competition ends on the 27th March at 10pm Gmt. Winner announced. 29th March 2pm Gmt. 3 entries per person.


Instagram – makeup_mad_anni

Twitter – Colour Me Lucky (Anni reddie)

Facebook – Colour Me Lucky

GOSH natural touch foundation – product review

Product Review – GOSH Natural Touch Foundation

Hey there my lovelies.  I have been hearing a lot about Gosh and their wonderful make up products so I decided to get in on some of the action and went to ebay and bagged myself some of their, natural touch foundation.
A bit about GOSH
GOSH is a company based in Denmark who specialize not only in make up but in bath and body care, fragrance and skin care as well as hair care.
About the Product, What it claims to do.
This product claims to be a lightweight formula which has mineral pigments which work together to unify your skin tone giving an even perfect looking complexion. It has added organic sweet almond oil to moisturize and nourish the skin.
The verdict, What it actually does.
This is a very lightweight formula indeed. It is almost invisible on the skin.  This in mind it still does all the things that you would expect from a foundation.  I found that it works very well.  It covered all of my imperfections.  I have some sun spots on my nose that are visible without make up.  Even though this is a lightweight foundation it still covered my sun spots and kept them covered all day long. The only criticism I can give this product is that as the day went on  I did have to use a little powder about half way through the day as my skin began to get a little oily and shiny.  Although this can be put down to my skin type which is as it happens oily combination skin.  It does not give a matte finish.  All that said I think that considering the price (£5.99 from ebay with free postage and packaging) and the quality I am overall happy with the product.  It would work well as a base under make up for that big night out look or if you are looking for a foundation which will keep your skin in a healthy condition, that you can wear every day and that gives a natural looking radiant glow then this is for you.  The fact that it has nourishing vitamins that keep your skin moisturized all day long is what makes this product a winner for me.  Not only does it keep your skin looking good but it actually keeps it healthy as well.
OUT OF 10??
I would give this little beauty a very respectable 7 out of 10.  It loses points for not having a matte finish and because it did not keep my skin from becoming oily throughout the day.  Granted that this could be my skin to blame as I do have oily combination skin.  At such a reasonable price I would definitely  give this a try to see what your personal experience is with this product and also this company as GOSH are a relatively new company in the United Kingdom, they are a Denmark based company who’s products have slowly made their way in to mainstream make up products and have caught the attention of like minded bloggers like myself who have boosted the company and its products in to the limelight.  So go on grab yourself either this or one of their other many products and share with me what your opinions are.

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An Update on what’s going on this month and why you do not want to miss out!!

This is a very exciting time as not only Colour Me Lucky and the concept behind it gaining a great following but there is a rumor that there may soon be a Colour Me Lucky Cosmetics line. Firstly it will be a eye shadow palette which will consist of 6 colours, two of which will be lucky colours, two will compliment colours and two will be highlighters, so say for example you have green eye and are a Capricorn, then you would be able to find your perfect palette, just look for”For The Green Eyed Capricorn” and you will get two lucky colours two compliment colours and of course the highlighters. Not only that but all of the ingredients are natural, and the packaging will be recyclable. The folks at Colour Me Lucky Cosmetics wanted to solve some issues within cosmetics, one of which being the bulky packaging of some products and the sheer amount of products you have to have in your kit if your a professional, or in your makeup bag, so they have created their eye shadow palette to be super slim but they have designed it in a way that you do not lose out on any product, that’s also the reason that highlighters are added in the palette, to save having to add another product to the ever growing list of essentials us gals and guys carry with us in case of any makeup mishaps.


Have you heard about our competition yet??

Show us your makeup creations using your lucky colours and be entered in to out comp to win a Nordstrom gift card worth $100.

All the details are within the featured blog post titled “Whats your lucky colours?”.  There are not many rules, just remember to use the hashtag #colourmelucky.

You have three different accounts to post your pics on, all of which can be found on the homepage, no more than three posts per person, thats 3 times on each account, so you can post 3 times on facebook, 3 times on twitter and 3 times on instagram, any more than that and your entries will be void and your works of art will be removed.

Subscribe and you could also be one of the lucky ones that gets picked to test the eye shadow palette.  So get you e-mail addresses in that box and good luck with the competition, mind you, if you are using your lucky colours correctly then you won’t need it!!