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Delving into the world of make up artistry with QC make up academy

Here is a little bit about me and why I have decided to take those vital steps and enrol in the QC Make up academies make up artistry course and why the traditional approach did not fit my needs.

Why not college??

Hey there everyone.  I have been interested in taking the first steps to becoming a make up artist for a really long time and so I applied to college.  I was accepted but due to my son having to do an extra year at nursery I am unable to attend this year.  I was totally gutted but I knew that sacrifice’s would have to be made when I became a mother.

So I started looking online, initially I was searching for books or tutorials on how to become a make up artist in order to gain as much information as possible before re-applying to college next year.

That’s when I stumbled upon a make up academy that sounded to good to be true.

About QC Make Up Academy, and why its right for me.

The one thing that firstly attracted my attention to this academy was the fact that they had payment plans in place.  As a mother of two young kids, I do not have the funds to pay for the course in full.  The course costs £958 all in.  You have the option to pay this in a variety of ways, either, in full, monthly, Bi weekly, or weekly.  For me the best option would be to pay it weekly as these payments are obviously the lowest.  My payment plan would be as follows.  £14 per week, every Tuesday for 70 weeks with one last payment of £5.  I have not come across any other courses that offer this flexibility.

Once I had a look at the prices and saw how flexible they were I then had a look at the different types of make up artistry courses they had to offer.  They’re are two courses that I was interested in, the first one is the Make up artistry course, this is the description of the course that is given on the website ” Learn the fundamentals of makeup artistry, daytime, evening and bridal makeup. Then, learn how to start your own freelance makeup business” The other is the course that I am enrolling in and that is the Master make up artistry course, here is the description of the course given by the academy on the website “Learn everything in our Makeup Artistry course plus makeup for theatre, movies, fashion shows, and photo shoots.” Pretty much what the first course offers but with a more in depth look at make up and the business side of things.

After deciding what course I was interested in taking I then looked in to what I was getting for my money and exactly how the online learning schedule worked.  With it being an online course you can study at your own pace there are no deadlines to  meet.  You get a make up artistry starter make up kit as well as DVD’s, books and a personal tutor.  There are six personal tutor and you are paired with one who will grade your work and will talk you through any obstacles that you may find difficult along the way.

You are asked to finish an assignment by being given a look and told to re create this look on yourself, you will then take a photo that you will upload to your tutor where they will grade your work.  There is other types of assignments not all of them are going to be putting make up on yourself and taking a selfie.  There is also the option to learn how to set up your own freelance make up artistry business.  If you are not interested in taking these classes then you do not have they are completely optional.  I however will be taking these classes as I feel that they are a fundamental part of a make up artistry business being successful.

About the tutors.


If you are wondering who the tutors are then you can read all about them and their success’s on the website, here is a little bit of a description about the tutors that is on the website

Our tutors are dedicated to your success. You’ll be learning from the best in the industry! You’ll upload your assignments electronically to our Online Student Center including photos of your makeup applications. Your tutor will review your work and will send you an audio file with advice on what you are doing well and where you can improve. You’ll form a close relationship as you work together.

Each tutor has years of experience. Learn professional makeup artistry with Nathan Johnson, Azzi Williams, Michele Mulkey, Corianne Cowan or Pat Armstrong.

QC’s Fashion Styling course is taught by fashion expert Alison Stewart. The course is mentored by Katrina Lee-Jones, Mallory Sills and Nathan Johnson. The Hair Styling Essentials course is taught by styling expert Laurie Vukich. The course is tutored by Laurie and Azzi.


Is there anyone that has already taken this course??

I have done my research and have had a good look through the mountains of reviews that are out there and they all seem to be positive.  I would love to hear from someone that has done this course to get a little bit more feedback on it.  So far I love the sound of this course.  If you think that this course could be for you then click the link and you can check it out for yourself. QC make up academy – About

There is loads more information on the website.  You can see for yourself what is included within each module you will be learning and you can read the reviews there too. I would have loved to go to college this year but I really like the look of all of the benefits you get with this course, you can read more about the benefits on the website, one of which is discounted make up!!!!!!!




MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette review with swatches

MUA Heaven and Earth Eye shadow Pallet – Swatches and review ( highly recommended)


Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog post. Today I am reviewing the MUA Heaven and Earth Eye shadow Palette with swatches. I will be reviewing just how good or bad this product is. This palette actually came in a Glossybox, to whom I have subscribed to as their boxes are great value for money. You too may want to purchase one of these boxes once you have all the information and an honest opinion on just one of the products that I have acquired over the last three months of being a Glossybox subscriber. To have a look at what they offer click here

What About The Product?

This is the Heaven and Earth eye shadow palette from MUA ( make up artist) it contains 12 neutral toned eye shadows as well as a sponge applicator. The eye shadows have a little bit of glitter through each of them, some more than others.

The colours are lovely and could be used to create either a day look or a night look. There are shades that are kind of skin coloured so could be used everyday rather than just for those big nights out. I really like the fact that you can use this everyday, you really get your moneys worth out of a palette if you are using it on daily basis. I have a couple of eye shadow palettes that have lovely colours but are sat around collecting dust as the colours are bit extreme for picking up the kids from school, or going in to the office, so I really appreciate a palette that I can use for as my everyday go to palette.

Here are swatches of the colours available.

Aurora which is the first colour on the first row, it is my fave, it is perfect for highlighting and looks lovely across the entire lid for an everyday fresh look.


As you can see some of the colours have a lot of glitter and others not so much. None of the colours in the palette are completely matte, so I would not recommend this product if matte shadows is something you are looking for. As highlighting, and highly pigmented shades are so popular at the moment MUA have done amazing at creating an on trend popular palette that can be used in everyday life and not just for the cat walk or club.

One thing I really have to highlight is just how awesome a highlighter the shades with more glitter in them are. Here is a picture of me using the MUA Heaven and Earth palette only, I have used no other eye shadows, or any other highlighters. For this effect I have used aurora which is the first colour in the palette, I also have aurora spread across the entire lid with bedrock which is the last colour on the second row, on the outer corners of my lids, blended in in the centre with a little bit of Myan Dust which is the fourth colour on the first row. I would also consider using Myan Dust as a highlighter as well, it is pigmented enough to leave you with the same effect. Have a look at my tutorial featuring the palette, click here to have a look Neutral make up tutorial featuring the new heaven and earth palette from MUA Neutral make up tutorial featuring heaven and earth eyeshadow palette

Although I received this in a beauty box along with other products, I know I can say that me personally using this palette will not affect my bank balance but at only £8 for a really useful palette, buying this for yourself wont leave a dent in your bank balance either. I have spent a lot more money on palettes that I have only used two or three times and then I am left wondering why I even bothered buying it at all. I am confident that I will not be left feeling deflated and a bit cheated with this palette.

To Buy Or Not To Buy??

If you are looking for matte eye shadows then I would not recommend this. However it is an amazing product if on trend popular items is your thing as highly pigmented colour and highlighting is extremely on point at the moment.

I would purchase this palette, if you are looking for a palette that you can use everyday, if you are looking for a palette that will take you from day time to night time, and if you are looking for a palette that is great value for money then this is definitely for you.

You could easily pop this in your handbag and take it with you either to touch up your make up throughout the day or if you are going straight from work to a night out this palette would be all you need, with the colours being pigmented enough to give a really really nice highlighting effect you would not have to bring your entire make up collection in order to go from day time desk look to night time siren.