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Cody’s first day in P2 & the wobbly tooth


Hey guys, so it has come to an end.  The school hols are officially over.  Back to school for my daughter Cody and back to his second year of nursery for Dylan.

About My Kids

Now my little girl has never ever been very good at sleeping. I thought the way she is was normal until I had my son.  My son is the type of child that will get grumpy before he falls asleep, but he does eventually fall asleep.  Cody (my daughter) on the other hand, will be grumpy all day long, she will cry for nothing and become emotionally unhinged because she is so exhausted but yet she will fight the sleep.


My Lazy girl…….

During the summer holidays she stayed up late and still emerged from her bedroom at 6.45am.  Although the early rise did not last long.  As soon as she realised she could lay uninterrupted until 9.45am (I never let her sleep past that time ) she took full advantage of this and so spent the last 3 weeks of the summer holidays enjoying her long lie in.


The early morning fight!!

As the end of the school holidays drew ever closer I tried to get Cody to go to bed early (which did not work) and I also tried getting her out of her bed early in a last-ditch attempt to try to prepare her for the early morning rise.  unfortunately for me and my daughter, trying to prep her for the school routine was all in vain.  When I got her out of bed early she would simply go in to the living room and fall asleep on the couch, or she would wait until I was ironing clothes for the day or until I was more or less busy with something else she would take herself back to bed.  And as for trying to get her to go to bed early, well, that just did not work, no matter how many times I took her back to bed she would get back up, or if all was quiet for a while and I had made the assumption that she has fallen asleep, I would in to her room to find that she had made herself a den or decided to try on all of her dress up clothes and prance around in them!!

And so it arrived.  The first day back at school after the summer holidays.  I walked in to Cody’s room looked at her little face, she looked like an angel (that angelic look did not last long!)  I shook her gently, shook her again and then had to say her name over and over to get her up.  She moaned, she groaned, she cried, she protested she was not going to school.  I had to force her to eat breakfast, and oh my goodness when I done her hair you would have thought that I was torturing her, and there was not a tug in sight, but if you asked Cody she would have told you otherwise.

What now?

What now. Now I have been a lot stricter when it comes to bed time routine’s and have realized that when a routine has been broken it is very difficult to put it back in place.  My advice………Do not ever break the bedtime routine!!……No matter what.  Okay Okay, so that is a bit extreme, maybe if you are doing something special which means that the kids are going to end up in bed a little later than usual then make sure that you get them back in to the routine the next night.  Do not let it go for more than three days because then you will find that it is not as easy for them just to slip straight back in to their old routine.


I have now re-enforce the bed time routine but it is still to early to say when Cody will be back in to her normal bedtime routine. Therefor leading to happier morning routines…….I will keep you all posted…..


Oh Yeah… The wobbly tooth!

My Cody has been asking since she was about 3 and half when her teeth would fall out.  To which my reply was, ” Well, when your about 5″ which I know is incorrect as its usually a little later.  Anyway, she turned 5 and so the question still remained, when will my teeth fall out? “Soon” I would tell her.  So she is in the bath the night before the first day back at school and as I am brushing her teeth she kept on flinching a little (she had been eating apples from a neighbors apple tree before hand) “What’s wrong toots” I asked her, “my tooth is a little sore mummy” she replied “open your mouth and let me see” so she did so and I could see the tooth on the bottom row right at the front was clearly leaning forward towards her lip, I placed my finger on her tooth and gave it a wiggle.  You would have though she had won a trip to Disney Land, she was sooooooo excited, happy elated, I loved the look on her little face,  no Christmas or birthday present had ever brought the look of joy on her face like that wobbly tooth did.  it really is the little things.  So she is now very happy that the day before she started p2 she got her first wobbly tooth, she thinks she is a very big girl now…..


Photo Of The Day!!!

Well I though that this would make a good post so here goes.

I take lots and lots of photos in one day, I don’t know but I think if I did not have kids then my photo taking habit would not be so bad, my partner is always complaining that the my mobile is constantly stuck to my hand, and I can tell you that it is not stuck to my hand because I am oh so popular as another thing that comes with being parent is having no or very little social life!!  No it is constantly stuck to my hand as my way of thinking is that of “I have to have it near by as the chance for an amazing picture can come up at any time” (my mind talking) I am also a lover of canvas’s and we all know how cute photos of the kids look on a canvas.

So here are my photos that almost made it to photo of the day.

  1. picture010
  2. FB_20141025_12_27_11_Saved_Picture
  3. So those were my runners up and here is my winner, I love this, Dylan ran in at the last minute, a lovely photo bomb!!      Go on start your own photo of the day !!
  4. 13726582_134960550271464_2055383754726658988_n.

I totally love this post, this is a must read for any parent with a kid that knows how to wind them up!!! This is how to get them back when you are an OAP!!!!!

(The kids in the featured photo are mines. Annmarie Reddie (who did not write this post but re-posted it as I think its awesome and will help parents everywhere!!!)


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