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Forever Direct Selling Company Review

Forever Review (Direct Selling Company)

I would just like to say before I kick this off that I am in no way affiliated with any direct selling company, none of my posts on any Direct selling companies are in no way paid. I am doing this so that people like you and I can have a 100 percent honest review of a DSC (Direct Selling Company). Most of the reviews that you find online about these companies are either, by independent consultants of the company, or, are paid blog post’s which means that the blogger has had a cash payment for a blog post in return, and as much as all us bloggers would like to say “no matter how much we are paid that all of our reviews are 100 percent honest”………..But, being paid to do a blog post definitely makes the review a little softer.

About Forever

If you have never came across Forever before, then let me get you up to speed. They are one of the longer running companies that are out there, they have been active in the U.K and Ireland since 1993 and have grown a very loyal fan base of Forever finatics since then. Their unique selling point is that all of their products main ingredient is aloe vera, even their toothpaste!! They are a debt – free, cash – rich, family run business, originally based in Arizona U.S.A, and founded in 1978, with an astounding turnover of 2.6 billion dollars. They also own all of their aloe fields, and grow and harvest using a patented process called cold pressing. This means that they only use the gel part of the plant they do not use the green outer part of the leaf as this can cause allergic reactions in some people. Clients that have had this type of reaction using another aloe vera based brands feel that it is the aloe vera they are allergic to which is not they case. People that have used Forever’s products do not get the reaction they had while using other brands. Their process is totally unique. And just a little interesting fact, aloe is actually part of the lily family and is also known as the “miracle plant” or “natural healer”, it has soothing properties and is very versatile.

Products I tried and info

I was kindly sent some samples to try by the lovely Dawn Humphries who only had amazing things to say about the company, she explains in an e-mail that working for Forever has given her financial freedom and not only is her family benefiting from her being at home but her bank balance has also been given a boost. But, like I said at the beginning, she will only have nice things to say about the company and thier products, the simple fact of the matter is that she wants people like you and I to buy these products from her. I am in no way saying that this company has not done fantastic things for her work and personal life, I am just here to give a honest opinion of the products. So, here is the list of items I was sent, how I used them, what I thought and what they claim to do for you.

Forever 3 pic collage

1.Aloe Gelly – This items is sometimes referred to as the first aid kit in a tube. Remember that interesting fact that probably bored you?? I said that aloe vera was very versatile. Well this item is a perfect example of that as it has so many different uses, not only can this be used on minor scrapes, cuts, bites, stings, and burns, but its so gentle that you can use it if you have just become a mum as it can be used for nappy rash, place it in the fridge and rub on teething babies gums, or for ulcers or you can even swallow a spoonful if you have a sore throat. It doesn’t only have to be used to heal, its like a type of serum so it can be used on hair or skin. I used it on my hair. I placed a little in the palms of my hands and smoothed it through damp hair. I also used it after drying and styling for a smooth shiny finish, and to keep fly away hairs at bay. I was sent sample sizes of all of the items, this would be one that I would buy a full sized tube of, I am a mother of two and it would be a great alternative to other, stingy products that I have used on burns or scratches that my kids had in the past.

2.Aloe moisturizing lotion – This product is a sure fire way to fight back against pollutants your skin faces on a daily basis. It maintains the skins natural PH balance, its also a great base before make up application. I used this as part of my morning routine, after washing my face with an exfoliating face wash, I applied this lotion, waited for it to dry, then applied my make up as usual. Anyone that has read my blog knows that I am a make up fanatic and I have tried many primers and this stands up beside the best. The product I would say this is most similar to after make up application would be Maybeline baby soft skin. It has the same finish and make up stays nice and matte throughout the day. My make up went on smoothly and my skin looked smooth and plump all day. I was surprised how much of a difference it actually made if I am completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this item so I was pleasantly surprised by its results. Another thing that’s worth noting, when I change from one product to another I tend to have a bit of a breakout on the first few days of using a new product but due to the PH balancing properties in this lotion, that did not happen on this occasion which was definite relief for me!!

toothgel and gelly (forever)

3.AloePropolis Creme – Another extremely versatile product. After reading up on this product as I was unsure as to what it actually was as I had never heard of propolis before so wondered what it did, I learned that propolis is actually the waxy substance bee’s use to line their hives. Its water tight and is also anti-bacterial. Forever adds this to the Aloe Vera which makes it ideal for treating dry skin conditions. Its also very useful if you suffer from cracked heels (Yep, sounds so UN-sexy, but even the celebs suffer from this unsightly condition!!) due to it being a natural anti-fungal agent. I used this everyday as a hand cream, as a mum of two, with a part-time cleaning job my hands get really dry due to using lots of different cleaning products. I sometimes get small rash like bumps on my hand, this cream did not sting the rash like other products I had tried and by the time the sample was finished, although it had not gone away completely I had noticed a huge difference. I would totally but a full size version of this product and would recommend it to anyone that has a skin condition.

Forever 3 pic collage

4.Forever Bright Tooth Gel – Yep!!!!! A toothpaste that actually contains not only Aloe Vera but that amazing bee propolis which is amazing at fighting mouth ulcers. I don’t know why but I was expecting this to taste weird but it didn’t, it was nice and minty. Its bright green in colour which was a surprise as I squeezed it out of the sample sachet. It left my teeth smooth to run my tongue along, my breath was nice and fresh, my teeth looked clean and shiny but I would need a bigger amount of this to be able to give an honest fair review. I will purchase this and review again at a later date so keep your eyes peeled for that!!

5.Aloe Matters Magazine issue 17 – This is the summer special edition and features former

England rugby star Ben Cohen. It contains loads of information on product tips, to, how to make your own summer sorbet’s. There is even a skincare guide which helps ladies like myself, achieve youthful skin. There is another great guide which helps you avoid any summer time beauty blunders. There is plenty of interesting information in this mag, and I am really glad that Dawn sent this along with the samples, it gives me a better feel of what Forever are all about.

So, What is the verdict??

Well, I had never heard of Forever before, which is surprising as they have been around for a while. I really like that all of their products are natural, their products are actually so gentle that they can be used on even animals”!! Not only are they a great company with great morals, but the products do not cause any suffering to any human or animal in any way shape or form. I would happily but the toothpaste and the lotion. After looking through the magazine there are a few other items I would like to try such as the aloe-jojoba shampoo and conditioning rinse. They are also introducing an new

line of anti-ageing skin care, called Infinite by Forever. After reading the double page spread featured in the magazine I would love to add one or two of these items to my night time routine. I am 32 and really need to start using a good anti-aging skin care product so this has presented itself at just the right time, and if I get the results described in the magazine then I won’t have these worry lines for much longer.

infinte by forever

Fave item – Moisturizing Lotion!!

If you would like to find out more about Forever and their amazing products then head toThe World Of Aloe or Dawns FB Page – Forever Living Dawn or feel free to drop Dawn an e-mail if you have any other Forever related questions at Dawn’s E-mail address

Have a great day guys, have happy positive thoughts, don’t let the small stuff get you down, live,love slay!!!!!!


Arbonne award winning mascara review

Hello beautiful people. Today I am reviewing a mascara that I was kindly sent to review. The very beautiful Emma Bundy contacted me via Facebook and had read my blog. She asked if I would review a couple of items and I excitedly accepted. Emma is a rep for Arbonne, a make up company who pride themselves on using the best and most natural ingredients in their make up. A little more about Emma and the company later but right now let’s get down to their products.

The Items I was sent were a hand cream, a primer and an award winning mascara.

I have tried all three items but have decided to give my finding in three Separate blog posts.

I love mascara and it’s the one item of make up I wear even on a no make up day. If my eyebrows and lashes are sorted then I am confident to go about my day proudly.

The mascara’s wand has comb like teeth which ensures that every last little lash has been grabbed and covered in the thick, rich black formula.

I totally see why this mascara has won an award. My lashes were instantly longer. And with a little rub of the wand on the ends of my lashes they were made much longer that even my partner (who didn’t notice when I died my hair from blonde to pink) noticed my eyelashes. Here is a pic of my lashes after I had applied the “it’s a long story” Arbonne mascara.

I am going to do a full blog post on this company, about its products and of course blog posts on all of the other products I received.

via PressSync

Eden Semilia essential oils review

Hey there my wonderful people.  I know that my posts have been few and far between for the last few weeks but that’s me back on the blogging wagon and I am back with loads of things to share, review and also I have some great christmas discounts and offers to let you all know about.

But first I have to share my new fad…….. Essential oils!!!  Yep Eden Semilia have an amazing range of oils that you can get your hands on via Ebay.  They come in a variety of scents and all come in a beautiful black leather carry case.  These oils and very versatile and can be used for a variety of things.

I used the lavender oil in my kids bubble bath, they also loved the smell of the sweet orange so I also put a little drop of that in their bath as well.  The aroma was amazing and it left my children gently drifting off to the land of nod in no time.

The Frankincense and sandalwood I used to massage my very overly worked husband painful back and that also left him gently drifting off to sleep.

Another thing I used them for was to scent my home!!! Yes I used them in my oil burners, the sweet orange was my favourite.  I just placed a few drops with some water in my oil burner and within no time my home smelt wonderful.  I am a bit of a candle/ scent bar/oil burner mad girl and I love nothing more than a clean, wonderfully smelling home and these worked amazingly.

These oils would make amazing little stocking fillers.  They would also be ideal to used in a foot spa, as a present along with an oil burner, as massage oils (what they are originally used for)  the uses for these little oils is endless.

To check them out follow the link below.  There are many different bundles you can buy as well as be able to buy them as singles.  When you purchase a pack of these little beauties they come in a very attractive leather carry case.  They honestly would make the perfect little christmas gift either on their own in the carry case or maybe as singles along side an oil burner or foot spa. Prices start at £2.99 each or £7.50 in a set of four with the carry case, great value for money!!

Check them out here Eden Semilia – essential oils

GOSH natural touch foundation – product review

Product Review – GOSH Natural Touch Foundation

Hey there my lovelies.  I have been hearing a lot about Gosh and their wonderful make up products so I decided to get in on some of the action and went to ebay and bagged myself some of their, natural touch foundation.
A bit about GOSH
GOSH is a company based in Denmark who specialize not only in make up but in bath and body care, fragrance and skin care as well as hair care.
About the Product, What it claims to do.
This product claims to be a lightweight formula which has mineral pigments which work together to unify your skin tone giving an even perfect looking complexion. It has added organic sweet almond oil to moisturize and nourish the skin.
The verdict, What it actually does.
This is a very lightweight formula indeed. It is almost invisible on the skin.  This in mind it still does all the things that you would expect from a foundation.  I found that it works very well.  It covered all of my imperfections.  I have some sun spots on my nose that are visible without make up.  Even though this is a lightweight foundation it still covered my sun spots and kept them covered all day long. The only criticism I can give this product is that as the day went on  I did have to use a little powder about half way through the day as my skin began to get a little oily and shiny.  Although this can be put down to my skin type which is as it happens oily combination skin.  It does not give a matte finish.  All that said I think that considering the price (£5.99 from ebay with free postage and packaging) and the quality I am overall happy with the product.  It would work well as a base under make up for that big night out look or if you are looking for a foundation which will keep your skin in a healthy condition, that you can wear every day and that gives a natural looking radiant glow then this is for you.  The fact that it has nourishing vitamins that keep your skin moisturized all day long is what makes this product a winner for me.  Not only does it keep your skin looking good but it actually keeps it healthy as well.
OUT OF 10??
I would give this little beauty a very respectable 7 out of 10.  It loses points for not having a matte finish and because it did not keep my skin from becoming oily throughout the day.  Granted that this could be my skin to blame as I do have oily combination skin.  At such a reasonable price I would definitely  give this a try to see what your personal experience is with this product and also this company as GOSH are a relatively new company in the United Kingdom, they are a Denmark based company who’s products have slowly made their way in to mainstream make up products and have caught the attention of like minded bloggers like myself who have boosted the company and its products in to the limelight.  So go on grab yourself either this or one of their other many products and share with me what your opinions are.

MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette review with swatches

MUA Heaven and Earth Eye shadow Pallet – Swatches and review ( highly recommended)


Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog post. Today I am reviewing the MUA Heaven and Earth Eye shadow Palette with swatches. I will be reviewing just how good or bad this product is. This palette actually came in a Glossybox, to whom I have subscribed to as their boxes are great value for money. You too may want to purchase one of these boxes once you have all the information and an honest opinion on just one of the products that I have acquired over the last three months of being a Glossybox subscriber. To have a look at what they offer click here

What About The Product?

This is the Heaven and Earth eye shadow palette from MUA ( make up artist) it contains 12 neutral toned eye shadows as well as a sponge applicator. The eye shadows have a little bit of glitter through each of them, some more than others.

The colours are lovely and could be used to create either a day look or a night look. There are shades that are kind of skin coloured so could be used everyday rather than just for those big nights out. I really like the fact that you can use this everyday, you really get your moneys worth out of a palette if you are using it on daily basis. I have a couple of eye shadow palettes that have lovely colours but are sat around collecting dust as the colours are bit extreme for picking up the kids from school, or going in to the office, so I really appreciate a palette that I can use for as my everyday go to palette.

Here are swatches of the colours available.

Aurora which is the first colour on the first row, it is my fave, it is perfect for highlighting and looks lovely across the entire lid for an everyday fresh look.


As you can see some of the colours have a lot of glitter and others not so much. None of the colours in the palette are completely matte, so I would not recommend this product if matte shadows is something you are looking for. As highlighting, and highly pigmented shades are so popular at the moment MUA have done amazing at creating an on trend popular palette that can be used in everyday life and not just for the cat walk or club.

One thing I really have to highlight is just how awesome a highlighter the shades with more glitter in them are. Here is a picture of me using the MUA Heaven and Earth palette only, I have used no other eye shadows, or any other highlighters. For this effect I have used aurora which is the first colour in the palette, I also have aurora spread across the entire lid with bedrock which is the last colour on the second row, on the outer corners of my lids, blended in in the centre with a little bit of Myan Dust which is the fourth colour on the first row. I would also consider using Myan Dust as a highlighter as well, it is pigmented enough to leave you with the same effect. Have a look at my tutorial featuring the palette, click here to have a look Neutral make up tutorial featuring the new heaven and earth palette from MUA Neutral make up tutorial featuring heaven and earth eyeshadow palette

Although I received this in a beauty box along with other products, I know I can say that me personally using this palette will not affect my bank balance but at only £8 for a really useful palette, buying this for yourself wont leave a dent in your bank balance either. I have spent a lot more money on palettes that I have only used two or three times and then I am left wondering why I even bothered buying it at all. I am confident that I will not be left feeling deflated and a bit cheated with this palette.

To Buy Or Not To Buy??

If you are looking for matte eye shadows then I would not recommend this. However it is an amazing product if on trend popular items is your thing as highly pigmented colour and highlighting is extremely on point at the moment.

I would purchase this palette, if you are looking for a palette that you can use everyday, if you are looking for a palette that will take you from day time to night time, and if you are looking for a palette that is great value for money then this is definitely for you.

You could easily pop this in your handbag and take it with you either to touch up your make up throughout the day or if you are going straight from work to a night out this palette would be all you need, with the colours being pigmented enough to give a really really nice highlighting effect you would not have to bring your entire make up collection in order to go from day time desk look to night time siren.