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Arbonne award winning mascara review

Hello beautiful people. Today I am reviewing a mascara that I was kindly sent to review. The very beautiful Emma Bundy contacted me via Facebook and had read my blog. She asked if I would review a couple of items and I excitedly accepted. Emma is a rep for Arbonne, a make up company who pride themselves on using the best and most natural ingredients in their make up. A little more about Emma and the company later but right now let’s get down to their products.

The Items I was sent were a hand cream, a primer and an award winning mascara.

I have tried all three items but have decided to give my finding in three Separate blog posts.

I love mascara and it’s the one item of make up I wear even on a no make up day. If my eyebrows and lashes are sorted then I am confident to go about my day proudly.

The mascara’s wand has comb like teeth which ensures that every last little lash has been grabbed and covered in the thick, rich black formula.

I totally see why this mascara has won an award. My lashes were instantly longer. And with a little rub of the wand on the ends of my lashes they were made much longer that even my partner (who didn’t notice when I died my hair from blonde to pink) noticed my eyelashes. Here is a pic of my lashes after I had applied the “it’s a long story” Arbonne mascara.

I am going to do a full blog post on this company, about its products and of course blog posts on all of the other products I received.

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My first make up tutorial!!


Hello and welcome my beautiful people. I have been asked loads of times if I would post a make up tutorial of my everyday make up.  Mums at the nursery or people that I meet are always commenting on how nice my make up is and what products I use.  Also some people seen completely stumped as to how I get it done with two young kids and the truth is with great difficulty.  As you will see in the vid which features my daughter, my dog and my partner, in fact the tutorial had to be done in two parts as muy partner came in and decided to ruin it, so instead of being clever and pressing record I pressed stop!!!

My family are so completely incompetent without me that you hear them asking me various questions throughout the video.

My dog also eats my make up brush!!!

I also would like to show that you do not have to have break the bank products in order to look and feel pretty and confident.  All of the brushes and products I use are all £10 and under.  Most of the items are bought from ebay, if you like the look of the brushes click here if you like the look of the brushes, this link will take you to a past post and review that I did about these brushes.  My ebay bargains!!!

I would also just like to state that I am in no way a professional camera woman, I am no way an expert in make up, and I am nit a make up artist, this is just how I do it, and what works best for my ever aging skin.

I enjoyed making it so I hope that comes across and you enjoy watching.

PS. Sorry about the rough Scottish accent, but that’s just who I am.

Much love

Click Here to be taken to my first make up tutorial